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Quest Giver
Soroborean Caravanner
Any City
Call to Adventure
Quest Type
Main Quest
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Call to Adventure
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Up The Ladder

Enrollment is a Quest in Outward. It is third in the series of main quests, and is the pre-quest to the Sorobor Academy quest-line.

Quest Summary[]

Enrollment is obtained upon entering Harmattan for the first time, if you have not already joined a faction. You have the choice to join the Sorobor Academy faction instead of the options in Looking to the Future. Choosing to join the Academy will prevent you from joining any other faction.


The player speaks to Jane Vincent at the Academy.

Speak to the recruiter at Sorobor Academy.

To begin, speak to Jane Vincent, Recruiter in the upper north-western area of Harmattan. Enter the large Academy building north-west of Samuel Laurent, Dean of Engineering and speak to the Recruiter about joining.

She will inform you that your Blood Price has followed you here, and that you will need to speak to Hugo Lockwell, Provost of Academic Affairs about this.

Speak to Hugo Lockwell, the Academic Provost.

Take the western door into the Library area and speak to Hugo about joining the Academy. He will tell you that you will need to seek out someone to do a favor for, in order to meet your Blood Price demands.

The player speaks to Gregory Turnbull

Do a small task for Gregory Turnbull, Victor Berthelot, or Sekiguchi Meiko.

If you plan on obtaining Mana, Gregory Turnbull is by far the easiest choice. Otherwise, if you are adamant on not obtaining Mana, Victor Berthelot is probably a better choice than Sekiguchi.

The player speaks to Headmaster Salaberry about joining the Academy.

Speak to Headmaster Raul Salaberry if you want to join the Sorobor Academy faction.

Once you have done any of the three tasks above, speak to Headmaster Raul Salaberry, who is found in the room above Hugo Lockwell in the Library. Return to Hugo and head past him up the stairs, and speak to the Headmaster.

Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2 for the multi-choice options to join the Academy.

You have joined Sorobor Academy.


  • A timer for Vendavel Quest starts counting as soon as you commit to a faction. In 20 days, Cierzo will be destroyed if you do not complete the quest.
  • The player commits to the Sorobor Academy and begins Up The Ladder after a three-day rest.

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