Enmerkar Forest

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Enmerkar Forest
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A map of Enmerkar Forest, including all locations
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Enmerkar Forest is a region in Outward. The main town of Enmerkar Forest is Berg, which is the home of the Blue Chamber Collective. Common enemies in this region include bandits, Coralhorns, Ghosts, and more.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ancient forest of giant trees, with vicious arcane monsters prowling about.

Travel[edit | edit source]

Enmerkar Forest connects to Chersonese to the west, Hallowed Marsh to the north, Caldera to the south, and to Abrassar in the east.


For details about the open exterior region of Enmerkar Forest (such as enemies, loot, NPCs, etc) see:

Locations[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of locations which can be accessed from Enmerkar Forest outdoors.

Major Locations[edit | edit source]

Minor Locations[edit | edit source]

Minor locations are part of Enmerkar Misc. Dungeons, and will show this name on loading screens.

Cabins[edit | edit source]

Weather[edit | edit source]

Enmerkar Forest has two seasons: a fair-weather season, and a foggy or Ancestral season which sees cooler weather and notably increased fog.

Rain is fairly common in the Forest during all seasons.

Spring / Autumn
Daytime: +/- 0 (Neutral). Nighttime: -14 Cold (Fresh).

  • The game begins in the normal season, which is Neutral in the daytime and Cold Fresh (-14) at night.
  • Rain is still fairly common during the normal season

Daytime: -14 Cold (Fresh). Nighttime: -30 Cold (Cold).

  • A foggy (or Ancestral) season begins after 15-20 days, which sees much lower daytime temperatures, and even colder night temperatures.
  • With the "Atmospheric Fog" graphical setting enabled, visual fog is greatly increased.
  • There are purple ghostly "clouds" which appear all throughout the exterior region

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