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Enchanting Guild
Enchanting Guild.png
Building Details
Build Costs
1x Voltaic Vines
5000 Funds, 160 Stone, 100 Timber
Build Time
30 Days
4 Housing
City Hall
Upkeep Costs
50 Funds per day

Enchanting Guild is a Building which players can construct in New Sirocco, providing access to unique Enchantments. These Enchantments will only work at the special altar inside the Guild.


Uses rare materials to enchant weapons and armor with new effects.




This Building has two upgrades. You must choose one or the other upgrade, you cannot choose both.

Expanded Library[]

Expanded Library.png

Unlocks new enchantments for Trinkets at the Enchanting Guild's Tablet.

Construction requirements:
Funds: 6000
Stone: 100
Timber: 200
Material: Ectoplasm
Funds upkeep: 50 / Day
Construction: 5 Weeks

  • Requires 1x Ectoplasm
  • Takes 25 days to construct
  • Unlocks 9 new recipes (listed on Recipes page)

Soroborean Laboratory[]

Soroborean Laboratory.png

The Head Enchanter will freely teach you to infuse your weapon with the Ethereal element.

Construction requirements:
Joined Sorobor
Funds: 8000
Stone: 200
Timber: 100
Material: Digested Mana Stone
Funds upkeep: 50 / Day
Construction: 5 Weeks

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