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Desert Captain
Desert Captain - NewBanditEquip DesertCaptain1 B.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
200 Health
Impact Res.
59 Impact.png
14 Protection
Damage Resistance:
  • 49 Physical  
  • 40 Ethereal  
  • 60 Decay  
  • 40 Lightning  
  • 40 Frost  
  • 40 Fire   
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
27.3 Physical 9.1 Lightning OR 30 Physical
23 OR 19 Impact.png
Found At
Stone Titan Caves
Ancestor's Resting Place

Desert Captain is a type of enemy in Outward.


A stronger variant of the Bandit Captain, found at Stone Titan Caves.

It is equipped with:

Another variant can be found at Ancestor's Resting Place, which is the same, except it has equipped:

The one at Ancestor's Resting Place drops the Enmerkar Tomb Key.

Combat & Tactics[]

They are highly resistant to all damage, and unlike most Desert Bandits, they are more resistant to Decay than other elements.


The Desert Captain has knowledge of one skill:

  • Push Kick, which deals 13 Physical Physical damage and 65 Impact.png Impact.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Weapons

Palladium Sword.png Palladium Sword (1)
Palladium Shield.png Palladium Shield (1)
Steel Sabre.png Steel Sabre (1)
Old Legion Shield.png Old Legion Shield (1)

Note: Desert Captain will only drop Weapons which they have equipped.

Guaranteed Items (Ancestor's Resting Place)

Enmerkar Tomb Key.png Enmerkar Tomb Key (1)

Note: only from the Captain at Ancestor's Resting Place.

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 3 to 5 times.

ItemsChance *
Bandages.png Bandages (1)7.04% (25%)
Jerky.png Jerky (1)10.56% (36%)
Bread Of The Wild.png Bread Of The Wild (1)10.56% (36%)
Antidote.png Antidote (1)5.63% (21%)
Desert Tunic.png Desert Tunic (1)3.52% (13%)
Desert Veil.png Desert Veil (1)3.52% (13%)
Desert Boots.png Desert Boots (1)7.04% (25%)
Elite Desert Veil.png Elite Desert Veil (1)2.11% (8%)
Elite Desert Tunic.png Elite Desert Tunic (1)2.11% (8%)
Tripwire Trap.png Tripwire Trap (2)5.63% (21%)
Spikes – Iron.png Spikes – Iron (2-3)5.63% (21%)
Cactus Pie.png Cactus Pie (1)5.63% (21%)
Life Potion.png Life Potion (1)8.45% (30%)
Endurance Potion.png Endurance Potion (1)8.45% (30%)
Assassin Elixir.png Assassin Elixir (1)7.04% (25%)
Cool Potion.png Cool Potion (1)7.04% (25%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from an average 4 rolls.


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