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One of the possible Defeat Scenarios in Outward

Defeat Scenarios are a mechanic in Outward which trigger when the player is defeated, either through combat or other means. Instead of dying, time will move forward by a reasonable amount, and the player will wake up in one of many different possible outcomes.

The location in which the player is defeated seems to have the biggest influence on the determined outcome, however quest progress and the circumstances of the defeat (ie. which enemy defeated the player) may also play a role.

Lost Items[]

There are various ways in which the player may lose items on death, both temporarily and permanently.

  • Some enemies - generally humanoid ones - may steal valuable items such as SilverIcon.gif silver, gold and gemstones from the player.
  • If the player is sent to the town inn they will lose some SilverIcon.gif silver to pay for their stay.
    • If the player has no silver on them, the stay at the Inn will be free.

Lost Backpacks[]

The player's bag should never be lost entirely on death, it will usually be somewhere nearby. Occasionally it may have washed up on a nearby shore, or bandits may place it in a different room to where you awake.

The backpack indicator on the player's compass will guide them to where their bag is located, if the player is in the same map as the bag.

At Vendavel Fortress and Montcalm Clan Fort, the player's backpack may have been placed in a Black Chest.

Note: A bug may currently exist in Online Co-op where if the player is defeated a second time before finding their backpack and also receives an "Inn" defeat scenario (which moves time forward by about 12 days) their backpack may be deleted entirely. Normally the player's backpack will always be teleported to them on defeat, even if they don't have it equipped currently, excluding situations where the player's backpack is placed in a Black Chest (Vendavel Fortress and Montcalm Clan Fort)

List of Scenarios[]

The following is a list of known defeat scenario outcomes which have been transcribed. There are potentially many more unlisted scenarios.

To reduce the page size, scenarios have been broken up into categories:

Hardcore Mode[]

Players who have chosen to play in Hardcore Mode when creating their character have a 20% chance of receiving a permanent death.


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