Outward Wiki

These defeat scenarios can only occur in the Hallowed Marsh.

Elatt's Intervention[]

As you see your life flash before your eyes, a brilliant light blinds you. As your eyes adjust once more, you find yourself on the ground someplace safe outdoors. Elatt's intervention has no doubt saved your life.
  • Time passed: ???
  • Player will awake at the top of a hill somewhere in the marsh.
  • Player will awake with the Blessed Boon, plus full Health, Stamina, and Mana (if applicable).
  • Player can be from any faction.

Someone in Gleaming White Armor[]

As your eyes open, you find yourself propped up against a wall at the gates of Monsoon, safe. As you glance around for your savior, you see someone in gleaming white armor vanish into the crowd...
  • Time passed: 1-2 Days.
  • Player will awake just inside the gates of Monsoon. Player's Backpack will be on the ground very near to them.

Monsoon Inn[]

You can't stand anymore, the very act of breathing is becoming difficulty. Pain wracks your body as consciousness fades...

The smell of sweet incense greets you as you awaken from the fevered dreams of the last few days. A passing missionary must have brought you to the Inn in Monsoon. The innkeeper has used money from your own pouch to pay for your treatment, but at least you're still alive.

  • Time passed: 10-12 Days
  • Player awakens in Monsoon, inside the Inn.
  • Player is fully rested.
  • Seems to be guaranteed if the player is defeated within Monsoon itself (such as by Bleeding out or passing out from Heat).

Dragged into Marsh Lizard's Cave[]

You raise your arms, shielding your vulnerable throat from the animals that howl at you, and brace yourself for death...Fangs sink into your leg and you feel yourself dragged across the ground. Every rock and bump causes jolts of pain that knock you into darkness for a while...

Loud screeches startle you awake. You've been dragged into a cave, surrounded by the lizards of the marsh, screeching and fighting one another for the right to feast on you! You must flee, if you value your life!
  • Time passed: 1-2 days.
  • Seems to trigger with higher frequency if the player is defeated by a Lizard enemy (such as a Tuanosaur), or near one of the many Lizard dungeons.
  • Player will awaken inside a Lizard infested dungeon, near the entrance.
  • Player's backpack will be on the ground nearby, in addition to some Bandages, Linen Cloth, and sometimes a Fishing Harpoon (even if the player already carries one).

Saved by Silvernose[]

The smell of ash and cinder wakes you. The wide grin of a travelling Giant merchant greets you as you open your eyes. "Hallo there, small human! That was a close call, no? You are lucky Silvernose came to your rescue!" He pats a large backpack. "I have things in here for to prevent you from being in trouble again! My prices are very good, small human!" It would seem that your alliance with the Giants has just saved your life.