Outward Wiki

These defeat scenarios can only occur in Chersonese.

Blister Burrow[]

Without the strength to fight, you can only watch helplessly as Troglodytes surround you, chittering in their barbaric language, and haul you through their cave. The foul smell of rotting meat fills your nostrils as they dump you into a large, well lit room.

Troglodytes gather around a large stone pot over a fire, sometimes staring at you hungrily. Suddenly, a noise echoes in the cave and the monsters freeze. The dimwitted creatures then grab spears and charge out, leaving you alone.

Cierzo Huntress[]

You can't stand anymore, the very act of breathing is becoming difficult. Pain wracks your body as your consciousness fades...

You awaken to the sight of a huntress from Cierzo pouring water into your mouth. Leaning on her, you manage to hobble back to Cierzo, more dead than alive. She refuses payment and leaves you with a firm pat on the shoulder.
  • Time passed: 2-3 Days
  • Player awakens in Cierzo, bag is nearby
  • Player has about 25% remaining health and can have the Pain and Confusion status effects.

Cierzo Inn[]

You can't stand anymore, the very act of breathing is becoming difficult. Pain wracks your body as your consciousness fades...

The warm smells of Cierzo's inn greet you. It seems someone found you on the edge of death and nursed you back to health. You have been out cold for days, though at least you're still alive...
  • Time passed: 10-12 Days
  • Player awakens in Cierzo, inside the Inn.
  • Player is fully rested.
  • Seems to be guaranteed if the player is defeated with Cierzo itself, though it also occurs outside of the city.

Conflux Mountain Hooded Man[]

Purple grass surrounds you as you stir from unconsciousness high atop a mountain. Your life-threatening injuries have been bandaged by a hooded man, who silently turns to leave, entering a door along the mountain wall without a backwards glance...
  • Time passed: 1-3 Days
  • Player awakens on Conflux Mountain, near the entrance to any of the Conflux Path dungeons.
  • Player can have the Confusion status effect.

Corrupted Tombs[]

Pain wracks your body as you wake up from your injury. You are alone, but surely not safe. With clenched teeth, you manage to drag yourself outside to safety, where you fall unconscious again.

It is hours before you regain consciousness. You are beaten and bloody, but alive. You will wear these scars for quite some time... You curse your recklessness and vow to be more prepared for danger in the future.
  • Time passed: ???
  • Players awakens outside the Corrupted Tombs
  • Player has severely depleted health and burnt health.
  • Player is inflicted with Confusion and Curse status effects.

Vendavel Prison[]

Your eyes open to the sight of a Kazite woman pointing a sword right between your eyes. You are in no state to resist as she binds your hands and blindfolds you, and forces you to march. You hear bandit activity loud all around you.

Your captor boots you into a cell and slams cold iron bars behind you. "Here's how it goes slave! Work when we tell you to, and you'll get food and water. Or refuse to work, and it's to 'The Hole' with ye!"
  • Time passed: < 1 day (hours)
  • Player awakens in Vendavel Prison with extremely low health.
  • All of the player's items are locked in a chest, which is down a path behind a guarded door.
  • On the ground is Tattered Attire, Iron Scrap, Linen Cloth and Wood.
  • The player must offer to help the guards, or find some other way to get past them if they wish to retrieve their backpack and belongings.
  • See the Vendavel Prison page for more information on the defeat scenario.

The Hole[]

Your head aches, resting on rotten driftwood, your body submerged in water. A glance upwards shows only a small speck of light from the top of "The Hole". You were exceptionally lucky to survive a fall like that.

With great effort, you swim in the murky water until you see a ray of light... You've escaped the Fortress of Vendavel, but paid dearly for it.
  • Can occur from dying within the Vendavel Fortress. Guaranteed if the player chooses to drop down into the hole (there is a simple "am I sure I want to do this" dialogue that appears before the game allows you).
  • Player awakens on the very southern tip of the map, east of the fortress.
  • Player has Pain and Confusion, and severely depleted health.
  • Player's bag will be somewhere on the beach, but may not be within immediate view. It can be located using the Bag marker on the player's compass.

Ghost Pass[]

Defenceless, you cannot stop the approach of the ghostly figure that bears down on you. It speaks to you in a language you cannot recognize, but the intention is clear - you do not resist! It grabs your arm and drags you through the Ghost Pass, sword ready if you try to escape...Your journey ends at a broken old cell whose door has long since fallen away. The ghost drops your arm, and turns away, motioning to slam the long-gone door into place and twisting a "key" into the air before marching away. The sign on the cell is in the Old Language, but it's easy enough to guess that it reads "marked for execution". You thank your lucky stars that the ghost was trapped in its old memories, unable to reason and think...
  • Time Passed: ???
  • Can occur if defeated by a Ghost inside Ghost Pass.
  • Player awakens inside one of the cells within the ancient prison inside Ghost Pass, but is not locked inside because the "cell" has no door.

Saved by Adalbert the Hermit[]

Your body and mind are broken, all that's left is to await the release of death...Strange purple auras swirl around you and you give yourself to them, riding a strange dreamlike current, passing stars and ghostly figures...

Hours later, you awake to find yourself in a small hovel with an old man smoking a pipe, who smirks at you. "You lack Reason. Be thankful for the Wind of Kindness, for it bore me to you in your time of need. Perhaps more care in the future will do you good, hmmm?