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One of the possible Defeat Scenarios in Outward

Defeat Scenarios are a mechanic in Outward which trigger when the player is defeated, either through combat or other means. Instead of dying, time will move forward by a reasonable amount, and the player will wake up in one of many different possible outcomes.

The received scenario is more or less random, though it is influenced by the player's current location, quest progress and the circumstances of the defeat (ie. which enemy defeated the player).

Lost Items[]

There are various ways in which the player may lose items on death, both temporarily and permanently.

  • Some enemies - generally humanoid ones - may steal valuable items such as SilverIcon.gif silver, gold and gemstones from the player.
  • If the player is sent to the town inn they will lose some SilverIcon.gif silver to pay for their stay.
    • If the player has no silver on them, the stay at the Inn will be free.

Lost Backpacks[]

The player's bag should never be lost entirely on death, it will usually be somewhere nearby. Occasionally it may have washed up on a nearby shore, or bandits may place it in a different room to where you awake.

  • The backpack indicator on the player's compass will guide them to where their bag is located, if the player is in the same map as the bag.
  • At Vendavel Fortress and Montcalm Clan Fort, the player's backpack may have been placed in a Black Chest.

Hardcore Mode[]

Players who have chosen to play in Hardcore Mode when creating their character have a 20% chance of receiving a permanent death.

List of Scenarios[]

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Attacked by corrupted Ghosts4-6 hoursCorrupted Tombs
Attacked by dweller4-6 hoursThe Vault of Stone
Attacked by Hyenas3-6 hoursHyena Burrow
Attacked by Veabers23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Awaken at Vigil Pylon6-12 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh or Enmerkar Forest
Awaken in a garden4-6 hoursAbrassar
Awaken in Old Levant26-49 hoursAbrassar
Awaken to armor being stolen6-8 hoursHallowed Marsh
Awaken to food being stolen4-6 hoursHallowed Marsh
Battered and beaten in a mine4-6 hoursThe Eldest Brother, Oil Refinery
Beaten and bloody, but alive4-47 hourssame location as defeat
Captured and released by Montcalm Tribe8-12 hoursChersonese
Captured by bandits in Dead Roots4-6 hoursDead Roots
Captured by Blood Mages23-73 hoursBlood Mage Hideout
Captured by Burning Men3-6 hoursFace of the Ancients
Captured by Calygreys47-121 hoursArk of the Exiled
Captured by Chersonese bandits8-12 hoursBandits' Prison
Captured by Ghosts8-12 hoursGhost Pass
Captured by Kazite bandits23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Captured by Sand Corsair bandits6-12 hoursSand Rose Cave
Captured by The Hive8-12 hoursForest Hives
Captured by Troglodytes4-8 hoursBlister Burrow or Royal Manticore's Lair
Captured by Troglodytes (Antique Plateau)23-73 hoursTroglodyte Warren
Captured by Vendavel bandits8-12 hoursVendavel Fortress
Captured by Wendigo23-73 hoursWendigo Lair
Captured by Wolfgang mercenaries23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Captured with Soroborean Caravanner25-47 hoursAbandoned Living Quarters
Chained by Troglodytes4-8 hoursDestroyed Test Chambers
Chased out of the Ziggurat4-6 hoursHallowed Marsh, Dark Ziggurat Interior
Collapsed onto a bedroll24-28 hoursStone Titan Caves
Crawled to safety in the Electric Lab4-6 hoursElectric Lab
Dazed and delirious4-6 hoursCorrupted Tombs
Defeated at Abandoned Docks4-6 hoursAbandoned Docks
Defeated at Burnt Outpost4-6 hoursEnmerkar Forest
Defeated by Blue Chamber scouts4-6 hoursRuined Outpost
Defeated by Blue Chamber thugs4-6 hoursFlooded Cellar
Defeated by Butcher of Men23-73 hoursAbandoned Storage
Defeated by Commander Mantis4-6 hoursEnmerkar Forest
Defeated by Cyrene9-13 daysLevant
Defeated by Ghosts in Corrupted Tombs4-6 hoursCorrupted Tombs
Defeated by Highlord Cyr4-6 hoursHallowed Marsh
Defeated by Hive3-6 hoursEnmerkar Forest or Forest Hives
Defeated by Immaculate4-6 hoursDead Tree
Defeated by Insects3-6 hoursAbrassar, Ancient Hive, The Slide, Enmerkar Forest or Forest Hives
Defeated by Light Mender4-6 hoursSpire of Light
Defeated by Medyse23-97 hoursSulphuric Caverns
Defeated by possessed Roland4-6 hoursNecropolis
Defeated by Rebel Priests4-6 hoursHollowed Lotus
Defeated by Sagard Battleborn9-13 daysBerg
Defeated by Scourge in Monsoon9-13 daysMonsoon
Defeated by Wolfgang mercenaries23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Defeated during raid against the Prince73-167 hoursLevant
Defeated in Calygrey Colosseum23-49 hoursCalygrey Colosseum
Defeated in Gladiator's Arena1-2 hoursNew Sirocco
Defeated in Old Harmattan23-73 hoursOld Harmattan
Defeated with Life Drainno timeIn Between
Dragged deeper into dungeon23-49 hourssame location as defeat
Dragged into Hive Prison6-12 hoursHive Prison
Dragged into Reptillian Lair4-6 hoursReptilian Lair
Dragged off by golem4-8 hoursCompromised Mana Transfer Station
Dragged off by stampeding animal4-6 hoursJade Quarry
Dragged off by Stekosaurs3-6 hoursSteakosaur's Burrow or Reptilian Lair
Dragged off by Tuanosaurs3-6 hoursReptilian Lair
Dragged off to furnace by Golem4-6 hoursAncient Foundry
Escaped into corrupted cavern2-3 hoursRuined Warehouse
Escaped through The Hole6-12 hoursChersonese
Escaped with the Hunch4-8 hoursLost Golem Manufacturing Facility
Fallen down elevator shaft4-8 hoursCrumbling Loading Docks
Fallen into chalcedony shards12 hoursThe Grotto of Chalcedony
Fallen into the Ancient Hive4-6 hoursAncient Hive
Fallen into the Scarlet Sanctuary29-79 hoursScarlet Sanctuary
Feasted on by Hive larvae4-6 hoursThe Slide
Forced into Calygrey Colosseum23-73 hoursCalygrey Colosseum
Framed for attack on Berg4-6 hoursNecropolis
Half cooked in the volcano4-6 hoursThe Eldest Brother
Imprisoned by the Montcalm Tribe6-12 hoursMontcalm Clan Fort
Injected with Medyse egg23-49 hoursSulphuric Caverns
Lost in the Face of the Ancients8-10 hoursFace of the Ancients
Mistaken for dead by Montcalm Tribe6-12 hoursChersonese
Nursed to health at the Berg house9-13 daysBerg
Nursed to health at the Berg Inn9-13 daysBerg
Nursed to health at the Cierzo Inn9-13 daysCierzo
Nursed to health at the Harmattan house9-13 daysHarmattan
Nursed to health at the Harmattan Inn9-13 daysHarmattan
Nursed to health at the Levant house9-13 daysLevant
Nursed to health at the Levant Inn9-13 daysLevant
Nursed to health at the Lighthouse9-13 daysCierzo
Nursed to health at the Monsoon house9-13 daysMonsoon
Nursed to health at the Monsoon Inn9-13 daysMonsoon
Paralyzed by Medyse23-97 hoursCaldera or Sulphuric Caverns
Passed out cold4-12 hourssame location as defeat, or exterior region
Pounced on by Myrmitaur4-6 hoursMyrmitaur's Haven
Rescued by Ash Giants23-73 hoursGiant's Sauna
Rescued by Holy Mission warrior49-95 hoursMonsoon
Rescued by Levant mercenaries49-95 hoursLevant
Resting on a tomb4-6 hoursNecropolis
Returned to destroyed Lighthouse1-2 hoursCierzo (Destroyed)
Robbed by bandits4-6 hoursUndercity Passage
Robbed by Marsh Bandits23-73 hoursHallowed Marsh
Saved by Adalbert the Hermit8-12 hoursHermit's House
Saved by Ancestral Ghosts25-47 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar or Enmerkar Forest
Saved by Cierzo huntress49-95 hoursCierzo
Saved by Desy Laroche23-73 hoursCorrupted Cave
Saved by Dorion Dumas9-13 daysNew Sirocco
Saved by Elatt8-12 hoursHallowed Marsh
Saved by Friendly Immaculate8-12 hoursImmaculate's Camp
Saved by functioning Golem23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Saved by Gabriella Sullivan4-6 hoursBerg
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera
Saved by Gep (Caldera)23-73 hoursCaldera
Saved by ghost at Cabal of Winds Temple4-6 hoursCabal of Wind Temple
Saved by hunter from Berg49-95 hoursBerg
Saved by lone Watcher6-12 hoursConflux Mountain
Saved by malfunctioning Golem23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Saved by Silver-Nose23-73 hoursHallowed Marsh
Saved by Siroccan hunters71-145 hoursNew Sirocco
Saved by stranger at Slums6-12 hoursLevant
Saved by stranger with ambraine8-10 hoursOld Sirocco
Saved by unknown stranger23-73 hoursZiggurat Passage
Saved by Watchers8-12 hoursConflux Chambers
Saved by William4-6 hoursVoltaic Hatchery, Jade Quarry, Spire of Light, Electric Lab, Forgotten Research Laboratory or Scarlet Sanctuary
Saved by Wolfgang mercenaries23-73 hoursAntique Plateau
Saved by Yzan from shipwreck25-47 hoursCierzo
Stumbled into the Oasis25-47 hoursAbrassar
Thrown off a cliff in Ancestor's Resting Place4-6 hoursAncestor's Resting Place
Thrown off a cliff in the Hatchery2-3 hoursVoltaic Hatchery
Toyed with by Ash Giants19-101 hoursSteam Bath Tunnels
Unharmed in New Sirocco23-73 hoursNew Sirocco
Used in Troglodyte ritual8-12 hoursRoyal Manticore's Lair


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