Dead Roots
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Hallowed Marsh
Marked Name
Huge Tree
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Dead Roots is a dungeon marked as Huge Tree on Hallowed Marsh's west coast. It is north of Dark Ziggurat. The dungeon has two entrances: one at the top of the tree on the southern side, and another in a gulch at the bottom on the northern side.

Dead Tree

During Purifier, the player can obtain the Dead Roots Key by collecting all 4 notes, which allows access to the Dead Tree location.

The door to Dead Tree is found towards the bottom of the dungeon. It is a wooden door with a Tuanosaur head as a handle.

Hidden Immaculate Room

From the top entrance, there is a partially hidden room with an aggressive Immaculate. It can be found by passing through the green bushes directly forward from the top entrance, on the left.


  • There are many sheer cliffs and narrow ledges. Both the player and enemies can easily fall to their death.
  • There are some traps here and there, look for black dots on the ground.



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