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Dead Roots Notes are a series of notes left behind by perpetrators during the Purifier quest in Outward, found inside Dead Roots and Dead Tree.

The final note is named "Pilgrim Information", but the first four notes are simply called "Note".


Note 1[]

We aren’t pleased with this arrangement either. Even with the aid of that Soroborean, there is only so much we can do with just one mage. More aid will be coming in the next few months, so be patient.

Note 2[]

Instructions from the boss in Berg were clear, never let those monsters near the prison cells! They WILL slaughter the prisoners out of sheer instinct! We can't keep kidnapping more of Elatt's missionaries without risking serious consequences!

Note 3[]

Your failure in that recent raid is unacceptable. There can't be witnesses. Do you know what the Sorobor Academy does to loose ends who screw up? We risk being eliminated if our operation is discovered! Is that clear?"

Note 4[]

If I catch you talking to the test subjects one more time, I swear to Elatt, I will have your head. if they find out that we are trying to learn to manipulate and control them, they will slaughter us all. You've seen what they've done to the prisoners, do you want that to be us next?!"
  • The pieces are coming together. Someone from the Sorobor Academy is arming these bandits, but for what end you're not quite sure. You should let someone with power in the Blue Chamber Collective know.
  • The Chamberlord of Monsoon would also probably be very interested in knowing that such a dangerous group has been operating so close to his city.

Note 5[]

"The human Jager Sullivan promised us he would find a way to free us from our rage towards the enemy. We must trust in him. But do not be stupid. If he does not have a solution after two full moons, leave without warning.

We suspect he may have other motives in mind, and the longer we stay in this marsh, under the shadow of the enemy, the greater our chances of being discovered and killed. Take no risks, my kin. We Immaculates always stand alone in this world."
  • At least, everything is clear. These Immaculates were working with Jager Sullivan to find a way to overcome their instinctual rage against those who bear the spirit of Elatt.
  • You should Let someone with power in the Blue Chamber know. Perhaps you have even enough proof to confront Jager himself.

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