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Raw Raw Damage is one of the damage types in Outward.


Raw Damage is technically the seventh type of damage, and it behaves like any other Element (other than not being affected by "Elemental" stats). However, there are almost no ways to resist against or boost Raw damage. There is no enemy in Outward currently with any Raw resistance (with one exception), so it will always at least deal the base damage to enemies.

For players, there are a few ways to affect your Raw damage output and resistance, they are:

  • Alchemical Experiment boosts raw damage output
  • Exalted boosts Raw damage output, and is the only way to increase your Raw resistance as well.
  • The Soroboreans Alert levels will make you more vulnerable to Raw damage by increasing the Raw damage you receive
  • The Three Brothers Damascene Weapons boost all damage on skills, including Raw.
  • The Three Brothers Craze and Kill Streak boost all damage, including Raw.

Notably, Mana Ward has no effect on Raw damage.



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