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Daggers are small, fast and agile weapons in Outward held in off-hand. While this is not true dual wielding, it is the closest form to it.

Attacking with daggers requires specific skills to be equipped (such as Dagger Slash).

Dagger Skills[]

See also: Rogue Engineer

List of Daggers[]

IconNameDamageImpact.pngProtectionBarrierDamage Bonus%DurabilityWeightEffects
Astral Dagger.pngAstral Dagger The Three Brothers32 Physical
10 Impact.png7% Decay
7% Fire
Broad Dagger.pngBroad Dagger25 Physical
32 Impact.png2252.0Bleeding
Forged Glass Dagger.pngForged Glass Dagger The Three Brothers43 Physical
30 Impact.pngBarrier2501.0
Galvanic Dagger.pngGalvanic Dagger The Soroboreans33 Physical
41 Impact.png2001.0Pain
Gilded Shiver of Tramontane.pngGilded Shiver of Tramontane The Three Brothers37 Frost
40 Impact.png2001.0Slow Down
-15% Fire Fire resistance
Hailfrost Dagger.pngHailfrost Dagger The Three Brothers23.5 Physical
23.5 Frost
40 Impact.png5% Frost
Manticore Dagger.pngManticore Dagger30 Physical
10 Decay
44 Impact.png1251.0Extreme Poison
Militia Dagger.pngMilitia Dagger The Three Brothers27 Physical
37 Impact.pngProtection3001.0Crippled
Red Lady's Dagger.pngRed Lady's Dagger20 Physical
20 Fire
49 Impact.png3001.0
Rondel Dagger.pngRondel Dagger22 Physical
28 Impact.png2001.0
Scarred Dagger.pngScarred Dagger The Three Brothers30 Physical
40 Impact.png2002.0Crippled
Shiv Dagger.pngShiv Dagger19 Physical
25 Impact.png1001.0
Smoke Dagger.pngSmoke Dagger The Three Brothers40 Physical
30 Impact.png2501.0Blaze
Vampiric Dagger.pngVampiric Dagger The Soroboreans40 Physical
38 Impact.png2001.0Leeches health on hit
Vigilante Dagger.pngVigilante Dagger The Three Brothers36 Physical
52 Impact.pngProtection3001.0Crippled
Wolf Dagger.pngWolf Dagger The Soroboreans35 Physical
33 Impact.png2752.0Crippled
Zhorn's Glowstone Dagger.pngZhorn's Glowstone Dagger20.1 Physical
9.9 Lightning
38 Impact.png2002.0Glowing (Light Source)

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