Outward Wiki
NPC Data
The Heroic Kingdom of Levant
Gives quests
Tending the Flame
Sand Corsairs
Combat Details
450 Health
Damage Types
25 Physical   16 Decay   8 Lightning
Impact Res.
45 Impact.png
Damage Res.
3 Protection   50 Physical   10 Decay

Cyrene is an NPC and potential enemy in Outward.

Description & Lore[]

Cyrene cut her teeth as a mercenary at a young age, being a new recruit at the time of the founding of the kingdom. After years of protecting the city from bandit attacks and vicious giant insects, her valor earned her command of the entire army. She also organizes and assigns tasks to the many mercenary corps that Levant relies on for work outside the walls.

Having spent so many years defending her beleaguered city, Cyrene has grown very protective of it, picking up a smokeroot habit along the way.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)

She is heavily involved in the Heroic Kingdom quests, and can be dueled in the Heroic Peacemaker and Hallowed Peacemaker quests.

Combat & Tactics[]

Cyrene is wielding a Palladium Sword, which is imbued with Dark Varnish.

She is a fairly difficult enemy, making use of quick attacks which can easily knock the player down.


Cyrene has knowledge of two skills:

  • A quick double-slash attack, which deals extremely high Impact (similar to Feral Strikes).
  • A shield-charge, which also deals very high Impact (similar to Shield Charge).


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