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NPC Data
The Vendavel
Quest Enemy (potential)
Vendavel Fortress
Cierzo (Destroyed)
Combat Details
120 Health
Damage Types
42 Physical
Impact Res.
71 Impact.png
Damage Res.
11 Protection 68 Physical 40 Ethereal 5 Decay 40 Lightning 40 Frost 40 Fire

Crock is an NPC and potential enemy in Outward.


Crock can be found to your left immediately after entering Vendavel Fortress from the beach. He is equipped with:

At first, Crock seems fairly amicable and welcoming, but do not be misled. Accepting his hospitality may lead to you being sent to Vendavel Prison and losing all your items. They can however be reclaimed from a nearby chest, found at the end of the hallway past the guards. You will need to offer to help them in order to be let through the gate.


If the player has started the Vendavel Quest, more dialogue options are available. Bringing Gaberry Wine allows the player to sit and drink with him.

If you decline to sit and drink with him, or say you're just passing through and don't want to rest, he will become hostile and attack the player.

If you choose to drink with him, the bandit becomes drunk. You can then send him to go fight Burac Carillon, the gate warden of Cierzo, or offer to fight him yourself (see below). Returning to Cierzo immediately after and speaking to Burac does not yield any information about his fight with Crock. Crock can then be found (apparently still alive) in the prison underneath the Aberdeen house, if you have the Cierzo Town Key.

Combat & Tactics[]

It is recommended to bring Gaberry Wine and get him drunk before you fight him, as this lowers his stats considerably. When he is drunk, he has the following stats:

  • 80 Health Health
  • 41 Impact.png Impact resistance
  • 6 Protection Protection
  • Damage resistance: 53 Physical, -35 Decay
  • His 45% Physical damage bonus is reduced to 15%, so he deals 33 damage.

Immediately after defeating Crock you will be assaulted by two additional Bandits from down the hall.

He can inflict the player with Confusion.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Drops

Brutal Club.png Brutal Club (1)
Life Potion.png Life Potion (2)
Vendavel Key.png Vendavel Key (1)
Vendavel Prison Key.png Vendavel Prison Key (1)

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 2 times.

ItemsChance *
Bandages.png Bandages (1)6.21% (12%)
Linen Cloth.png Linen Cloth (1-3)18.63% (34%)
Travel Ration.png Travel Ration (1)12.42% (23%)
Waterskin.png Waterskin (1)1.24% (2%)
Jerky.png Jerky (1)9.32% (18%)
Dry Mushroom Bar.png Dry Mushroom Bar (1)9.32% (18%)
Bread.png Bread (1)9.32% (18%)
Salt.png Salt (1)9.32% (18%)
Antidote.png Antidote (1)4.97% (10%)
Looter Mask.png Looter Mask (1)1.86% (4%)
Looter Armor.png Looter Armor (1)1.86% (4%)
Tripwire Trap.png Tripwire Trap (1)3.11% (6%)
Spikes – Iron.png Spikes – Iron (1)3.11% (6%)
Silver.png Silver (3-5)9.32% (18%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 2 rolls.


  • If the player convinced Crock to duel Burac Carillon, he will be imprisoned by Cierzo. If the player has access to the gated room below town hall, Crock can be seen sitting in a small cage near the door.


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