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The Corruption stat in the Needs menu

Corruption Corruption is an Attribute and gameplay mechanic in The Soroboreans DLC, as well as a part of the Lore of Outward.


A player standing in a Corrupted Zone, indicated by the green smoke effect and the Corruption icon at the bottom of the screen.

Corruption is both a positive and negative effect. The benefits are mainly focused at players who focus on Magic, especially Decay Decay spells.

Depending on the player's Corruption level (from 0 to 100%), they will receive a different Effect.


Between 0% and 25% Corruption, players are Pure and have receive no effects.


Tainted is received when between 26% and 50% Corruption. It carries only negative effects.

Tainted The Soroboreans


Corrupted is received when between 51% and 75% Corruption, and brings some positive effects as well as increased negative effects.

Corrupted The SoroboreansPositive:Negative:


Defiled is received when between 76% and 99% Corruption. It has strong positive and negative effects.

Defiled The SoroboreansPositive:Negative:
  • Hunger rate +100%
  • Lightning Resistance -50%
  • Lightning Damage -50%
  • Attack Speed -10%
  • Physical Resistance -30%
  • Impact Resistance -30%
  • Chance for Corruption Spirit to spawn

100% Corruption

Reaching 100% Corruption will:

Gaining Corruption[]

Players can increase their Corruption level in a number of ways:

  • Standing in Corrupted zones, indicated by a green smoke effect rising from the bottom of your screen. Only found in Antique Plateau
  • Being attacked by The Scourge, Wendigos, and other corrupted enemies
  • As well as:


Blood Leech The SoroboreansFlat3%On performing skill combination with Dagger Slash
Gift of Blood The SoroboreansFlat3%
Gift of Blood Ally The SoroboreansFlat6%On performing skill
Scourge Cocoon The SoroboreansFlat10%Sleeping in the tent raises corruption by 10%, regardless of time spent sleeping.


Boiled Crawlberry The SoroboreansFlat0.5%
Boiled Purpkin The SoroboreansFlat0.5%
Crawlberry The SoroboreansFlat0.5%
Crawlberry Jam The SoroboreansFlat10%
Crawlberry Tartine The SoroboreansFlat0.5%
Grilled Nightmare Mushroom The SoroboreansFlat1%
Horror's Potion The SoroboreansFlat10%
Illuminating Potion The SoroboreansFlat10%
Nightmare Mushroom The SoroboreansFlat1%
Purpkin The SoroboreansFlat0.5%
Purpkin Pie The SoroboreansFlat0.5%


Blood Sigil The SoroboreansFlat5%
Blood Tendrils The SoroboreansFlat3%
Blood Turret The SoroboreansFlat6%


Blood Sorcerer The SoroboreansFlat0.3%
Elite Sublime Shell The SoroboreansFlat1%
Giant Horror The SoroboreansFlat1%
Grotesque The SoroboreansFlat0.5%
Immaculate DreamerFlat0.6%
Immaculate Raider The SoroboreansFlat0.6%
Immaculate Warlock The SoroboreansFlat0.6%
Pure Illuminator The SoroboreansFlat0.7%
Shell HorrorFlat0.8%
Sublime Shell The SoroboreansFlat0.7%

Reducing Corruption[]


Corruption Recovery The SoroboreansRestore-0.1% per second5 minutes


Purity Potion The SoroboreansRestore-50%
Sanctifier Potion The SoroboreansRestore-20%


Cleanse The SoroboreansRestore-30%Requires 50% corruption to cast.

Corruption Resistance[]

Corrutpion Resistance is an effect gained from certain equipment and effects.


Corruption Resistance The SoroboreansFlat20% to 50%5 minutes


Metabolic Purge The SoroboreansFlat10%


Elatt's Sanctity The SoroboreansFlat10% to 20%
Filter The SoroboreansFlat5% to 10%
Spirit of Monsoon The SoroboreansFlat15%


Show/Hide table
IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionDamage Bonus%Stamina CostMana CostCorruptionMovementDurabilityWeightEffects
Horror Armor.pngHorror Armor The Soroboreans28% Physical
-5% Lightning
23% Impact.pngProtection20% Decay
6% Stamina Cost-5% Corruption-6% Movement42518.0
Horror Greaves.pngHorror Greaves The Soroboreans20% Physical
-5% Lightning
13% Impact.pngProtection10% Decay
4% Stamina Cost-5% Corruption-4% Movement42512.0
Horror Helm.pngHorror Helm The Soroboreans20% Physical
-5% Lightning
13% Impact.pngProtection10% Decay
4% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-5% Corruption-4% Movement4258.0
Wolf Medic Boots.pngWolf Medic Boots The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtection2% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost5% Corruption-2% Movement3008.0Recover +0.05 Health Health per second
Show/Hide table
IconNameCorruptionCapacityDurabilityWeightEffectsInventory Protection
Boozu Hide Backpack.pngBoozu Hide Backpack The Soroboreans10% Corruption752.0No dodge interference2


Corruption is a prominent part of the Lore of Outward.

A form of decaying negative life energy that is often released when something passes from one life to the next. The more negative emotion contained in the being's soul when it passes, the more the corruption will cling to the area where it is released, and the longer it will take to vanish.

In some cases, too large of a glut of Corruption can take on a life of its own and grow rather than decay.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)


The only relieving news is that the Corruption here runs deep enough that the ghosts are able to feed off it. They do not appear to be compelled to hunt for fresh life to siphon, so the Chersonese region should remain safe from ghostly hunting parties.
~ Soeran, in a letter to Cardinal Bourlamaque
Alright alright! There was a lot of blood spilled in the old fort. The victims jus' couldn't go to the afterlife. It caused a lot of Corruption to spill out, you know? I gave those victims a home here, where they can live the lives that were stolen from them. There's an ancestral altar they can tether their memories too, so they can remember who they were when they were alive.

Then, those living people out there started stringing up dying people as tribute and my ghost pals stopped feedin' on the Corruption, preferring fresh tasty dying life.
But using Corruption as food is like milking a deer. If you don't milk it often enough, it'll just build up until you have a major problem. The Corruption has burst all over the Altar now, and it's destroying the memories we've stored within.

If it's not dealt with, those ghosts will lose what little humanity they have left! Then they'll just devour everything around, including the living who've been feeding them so nicely.
~ Myriade (during A Myriad of Bones)


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