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Clean Water
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Removes Burning
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Clean Water is a consumable item, as well as a crafting ingredient, which is contained by a Waterskin.


Drinking water restores stamina over time and removes the Burning status.
It can be filled at fountains or in natural bodies of water.


Acquired From[]

Clean water can be gathered from water sources, mainly in Cities, or from cooking other kinds of water on campfires.

Waterskins obtained from various world sources can also contain clean water.

In many dungeons, clean water is indicated by blue crystals (see Gallery).



Result Ingredients Station

Used in[]

Clean Water also fulfills the ingredients for: Water
Able Tea.png
1x Able Tea The Three Brothers
Cooking Pot
Alertness Potion.png
3x Alertness Potion The Soroboreans
Alchemy Kit
1x Antidote
Alchemy Kit
Assassin Elixir.png
Assassin Elixir
Alchemy Kit
Astral Potion.png
1x Astral Potion
Alchemy Kit
Barrier Potion.png
1x Barrier Potion The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
Bitter Spicy Tea.png
Bitter Spicy Tea
Cooking Pot
Blessed Potion.png
3x Blessed Potion
Alchemy Kit
Bouillon du Predateur.png
3x Bouillon du Predateur
Cooking Pot
Bracing Potion.png
1x Bracing Potion The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
3x Bread
Cooking Pot
Cool Potion.png
3x Cool Potion
Alchemy Kit
Discipline Potion.png
3x Discipline Potion
Alchemy Kit
Endurance Potion.png
1x Endurance Potion
Alchemy Kit
Golem Elixir.png
Golem Elixir
Alchemy Kit
Greasy Tea.png
1x Greasy Tea The Three Brothers
Cooking Pot
Great Astral Potion.png
3x Great Astral Potion
Alchemy Kit
Great Endurance Potion.png
1x Great Endurance Potion
Alchemy Kit
Great Life Potion.png
3x Great Life Potion
Alchemy Kit
Hex Cleaner.png
1x Hex Cleaner
Alchemy Kit
Iced Tea.png
1x Iced Tea The Three Brothers
Cooking Pot
Invigorating Potion.png
3x Invigorating Potion The Soroboreans
Alchemy Kit
Life Potion.png
1x Life Potion
Alchemy Kit
Mana Belly Potion.png
1x Mana Belly Potion The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
Marathon Potion.png
1x Marathon Potion The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
Mineral Tea.png
Mineral Tea
Cooking Pot
Mist Potion.png
3x Mist Potion
Alchemy Kit
Needle Tea.png
Needle Tea
Cooking Pot
1x Panacea The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
Possessed Potion.png
3x Possessed Potion
Alchemy Kit
Quartz Potion.png
3x Quartz Potion The Soroboreans
Alchemy Kit
Rage Potion.png
3x Rage Potion
Alchemy Kit
Shimmer Potion.png
1x Shimmer Potion The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
Soothing Tea.png
Soothing Tea
Cooking Pot
Stability Potion.png
Stability Potion
Alchemy Kit
Stealth Potion.png
3x Stealth Potion
Alchemy Kit
Stoneflesh Potion.png
Stoneflesh Elixir
Alchemy Kit
Sulphur Potion.png
1x Sulphur Potion The Three Brothers
Alchemy Kit
Survivor Elixir.png
Survivor Elixir
Alchemy Kit
Warm Potion.png
1x Warm Potion
Alchemy Kit
Warrior Elixir.png
Warrior Elixir
Alchemy Kit
Weather Defense Potion.png
Weather Defense Potion
Alchemy Kit


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