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Cierzo is the major City in the Chersonese region in Outward.


Cierzo is the first city the player will encounter, a short way into their story. It contains many notable NPCs, as well as various Merchants and Skill trainers.

A bustling little fishing village in the Chersonese, Cierzo was once the largest settlement in the region by far, but it experienced a bloody tragedy not long after the monsters of the Scourge swarmed the region. A former Chamberlady of Cierzo distrusted and turned away the warriors and scholars of Elatt when they came to their aid, preferring to rely on the protection of the Five Winds instead. As a result, the Scourge tore through the settlement, killing dozens.

The Chamberlady was exiled for her actions, and her few surviving family members were shackled with a truly enormous Blood Price that they still pay off to this day.

Over the last century, the village has rebuilt on the ruins, and has once again become the dominant tribe in the region, now under the guidance of the Aberdeen family.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)


Cierzo Storage[]

The entrance to the Cierzo Storage dungeon is under the hill the lighthouse is built on. It contains a one-way path to Chersonese.

Lighthouse (Starting House)[]

Cierzo contains the player character's starting house. If the player fails to settle their blood debt, either by paying Rissa 150SilverIcon.gif or by delivering a Tribal Favor, the house will be seized by the town guard. Players can re-purchase their home for 300SilverIcon.gif. Luckily, in the event that the player fails to settle the debt, items in their stash will remain in the stash.


Major quests:

Minor quests:






Item Spawns:

  • 1 Machete - on the beach, stuck in the rack of fish
  • 1 Pitchfork - leaning on the wall at the back of the Sea Salt Inn

Loot Containers:

  • 1x Chest can be found upstairs in the Town Hall
  • 1x Ornate Chest can also be found in the Hall, but requires a Cierzo Town Key to access.
  • 2x Junk Piles - one is by the docks, the other is in front of Helen's house in the south-east.


Cierzo Player House Loot[]

Inside the player's starting house, the following loot can be found:

  • A Stash containing a few random low-level items
  • 2 Jerky - in the Lighthouse, near the stairs
  • 1 Gaberries - in the Lighthouse, near the stairs
  • 1 Bread - in the Lighthouse kitchen


  • Helen Turnbull will also buy the heavy garnet found in the Blister Burrows for 30SilverIcon.gif.
  • Yzan will tell you about his secret stash, "near the old shipwreck" south of Cierzo. His tip is, "The Moon commands the Stars".
  • Roland, Yzan's brother, can be found on the docks. Talking to him after starting Looking to the Future will result in him giving the player a Hex Cleaner, some Life Potion and an Antidote.
  • If all three Warlords in the Vendavel Quest are not defeated within 20 days after joining any faction, Cierzo will be permanently destroyed.


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