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Chakrams are type of weapon in Outward that can only be held in the off-hand. Additionally, they require special skills to be equipped to be used.

Chakrams are also required to cast Chakram skills.

Chakram Skills[]

See also: Philosopher

List of Chakrams[]

IconNameDamageImpact.pngProtectionBarrierDamage Bonus%DurabilityWeightEffects
Astral Chakram.pngAstral Chakram The Three Brothers30.4 Physical
7.6 Fire
10 Impact.png7% Ethereal
7% Frost
Chakram.pngChakram30 Physical
32 Impact.png3501.0
Chalcedony Chakram.pngChalcedony Chakram The Three Brothers24.5 Physical
10.5 Frost
27 Impact.png2501.0Slow Down
Distorted Experiment.pngDistorted Experiment The Three Brothers7.2 Ethereal
7.2 Decay
7.2 Lightning
7.2 Frost
7.2 Fire
45 Impact.png3000.1-10% Status Resistance Status Resistance
Experimental Chakram.pngExperimental Chakram The Three Brothers45 Physical
45 Impact.png2002.0
Forged Glass Chakram.pngForged Glass Chakram The Three Brothers48 Physical
40 Impact.pngBarrier3501.0
Frozen Chakram.pngFrozen Chakram22.5 Physical
22.5 Frost
44 Impact.png5001.0Elemental Vulnerability
Galvanic Chakram.pngGalvanic Chakram The Soroboreans35 Physical
41 Impact.png3501.0Pain
Horror Chakram.pngHorror Chakram The Soroboreans34.5 Physical
11.5 Decay
45 Impact.png3751.0Extreme Poison
Kazite Chakram.pngKazite Chakram34 Physical
47 Impact.png3502.0
Meteoric Chakram.pngMeteoric Chakram The Three Brothers21 Physical
21 Fire
35 Impact.png4001.0Holy Blaze
Militia Chakram.pngMilitia Chakram The Three Brothers33 Physical
44 Impact.pngProtection4001.0
Mysterious Chakram.pngMysterious Chakram16 Physical
16 Fire
35 Impact.png2501.0
Obsidian Chakram.pngObsidian Chakram The Three Brothers21 Physical
27 Impact.png2501.0Burning
Ornate Chakram.pngOrnate Chakram40 Physical
41 Impact.png3501.0Glowing (Light Source)
Smoke Chakram.pngSmoke Chakram The Three Brothers32 Physical
41 Impact.png3501.0Blaze
Thorn Chakram.pngThorn Chakram37 Physical
38 Impact.png3001.0Bleeding
Tsar Chakram.pngTsar Chakram The Soroboreans60 Physical
48 Impact.png1.0
Vigilante Chakram.pngVigilante Chakram The Three Brothers34 Physical
53 Impact.pngProtection4001.0
Wolf Chakram.pngWolf Chakram The Soroboreans39 Physical
33 Impact.png3752.0Crippled

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