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Cera Carillion, Weaponsmith
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NPC Data
Sorobor Academy
Merchant (Equipment)
Gives quests
Need: Shield Golem Scrap
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Cera Carillion, Weaponsmith is an merchant in Harmattan, city in the Antique Plateau.


Cera Carillion is the weapons merchant for Harmattan, and is related to Burac Carillon, gate warden of Cierzo.

Price Modifiers

Cera Carillion, Weaponsmith is affected by Harmattan Market's price modifiers. Items cost 1.3x as much to buy from this store.

If the player hands the evidence from Purifier to Sekiguchi Meiko, the buy modifier is restored to the normal 1.0x rate.


Cera gives the quest Need: Shield Golem Scrap.


Cera Carillion, Weaponsmith is a member of the Carillon family.


Guaranteed Stock

Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot (5-8)
Brutal Axe.png Brutal Axe (1)
Brutal Club.png Brutal Club (1)
Brutal Greataxe.png Brutal Greataxe (1)
Brutal Greatmace.png Brutal Greatmace (1)
Brutal Spear.png Brutal Spear (1)
Cleaver Halberd.png Cleaver Halberd (1)
Tower Shield.png Tower Shield (1)
Old Legion Shield.png Old Legion Shield (1)
Prayer Claymore.png Prayer Claymore (1)
Steel Sabre.png Steel Sabre (1)

Random Stock 1
This drop table will be rolled 3 to 5 times.

ItemsChance *
Wolf Sword.png Wolf Sword (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Axe.png Wolf Axe (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Mace.png Wolf Mace (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Claymore.png Wolf Claymore (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Greathammer.png Wolf Greathammer (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Greataxe.png Wolf Greataxe (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Spear.png Wolf Spear (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Halberd.png Wolf Halberd (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Bow.png Wolf Bow (1)3.33% (13%)
Wolf Shield.png Wolf Shield (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Sword.png Marble Sword (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Axe.png Marble Axe (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Morningstar.png Marble Morningstar (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Claymore.png Marble Claymore (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Greataxe.png Marble Greataxe (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Greathammer.png Marble Greathammer (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Spear.png Marble Spear (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Halberd.png Marble Halberd (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Fists.png Marble Fists (1)3.33% (13%)
Marble Shield.png Marble Shield (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Sword.png Palladium Sword (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Axe.png Palladium Axe (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Mace.png Palladium Mace (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Claymore.png Palladium Claymore (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Greataxe.png Palladium Greataxe (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Greathammer.png Palladium Greathammer (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Spear.png Palladium Spear (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Halberd.png Palladium Halberd (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Knuckles.png Palladium Knuckles (1)3.33% (13%)
Palladium Shield.png Palladium Shield (1)3.33% (13%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from an average 4 rolls.
Random Stock 3
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Wolf Knuckles.png Wolf Knuckles (1)20%
Marble Fists.png Marble Fists (1)20%
Palladium Knuckles.png Palladium Knuckles (1)20%
Brutal Knuckles.png Brutal Knuckles (1)40%


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