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A Ghost

Undead are a type of enemy and NPC in Outward.


Sometimes a soul will refuse to pass over to the other side, and will find a way manifest as an undead being in the world of the living. Most will return as ghostly humanoid vortexes of mana, but some find a way to make their rotting corpses and brittle bones move again.

All undead, whether ethereal or corporeal, hunger for life, the fresher the better, and are driven to siphon it from any source they can. However, if they feed too much, they will soon grow addicted to the sweet taste of life and lose their connection to their humanity.

Unless an undead is convinced to "move on", or is otherwise exorcised from the plane of the living, they must perpetually maintain their memories through magical or ritual means. If they do not, they will inevitably become no more than a mad, hungry creature trapped in a single memory with limited awareness of their present moment, endlessly hunting for that next momentary rush of life.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)

Common Attributes[]

All Undead are usually immune to Bleeding and Poison effects.


Ghosts are vulnerable to Ethereal Ethereal damage, while also dealing mostly Ethereal damage themselves. They are highly resistant to Physical Physical.


Skeletons are commonly resistant to Decay Decay damage.

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