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Scourge are a type of NPC and enemy in Outward.

An Immaculate, a type of Scourge


About a century ago, a violent magical explosion tore apart one of the mountain regions of Aurai, carving a massive canyon into the earth and soaking the region in Corruption. From that canyon emerged a horde of monstrous creatures that rampaged across all of Aurai. The canyon became known as the Gates of Catharsis, and the creatures that still pour from its mouth are known as the Beasts of the Scourge.

Although the initial surge was beaten back by the Holy Mission of Elatt, and protective measures have been put in place in populated regions, these raging monsters still plague Aurai, viciously attacking anything they lay eyes on, with an especially large hatred of those to pledge their loyalty to Elatt.

The Crystal Vigil Pylons that protect the settled regions of Aurai keep them largely free of the Scourge, but the beasts will still find their way in and cause havok from time to time.

The original Tramontane tribes, being closest to the canyon, bear the heavy burden of needing to guard the entrances to the canyon and keep as many of the Scourge as possible trapped inside.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)

Common Attributes[]

  • Scourge are commonly vulnerable to Lightning Lightning damage.
  • While they often deal Decay Decay damage, they are not resistant to the element.


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