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Cierzo Shipwreck.png
Quest Giver
Shipwreck (Castaway)
Quest Type
Main Quest
Next Quest
Call to Adventure

Castaway is the first main quest in Outward.

Quest Summary[]

This quest starts immediately when the player begins their game. A backstory is provided which explains the situation in which the player finds themseleves:

All my life, I've lived within the safety of Cierzo, spared the brutality of the world outside. But life in Aurai is never that easy. For all the safety that my tribe provides, our laws are harsh. We are judged not as individuals, but as bloodlines.

The failures of my bloodline weigh heavy on me. My grandmother brought ruin to our tribe long ago, bringing a heavy Blood Price upon my family. We've paid the debt caused by her actions ever since.

I joined an expedition across the sea with my old friend Yzan, hoping the money made there would be enough to clear my debts. This was a mistake. I'm lucky to still be breathing after our ship hit rocks on the return voyage.

Now, I have no choice but to pick myself up yet again and face the wild, untamed land outside the walls. I must carve out my own future, or die trying.


The first view of gameplay.

Find someone who can help

You awaken on the Shipwreck Beach with nothing but 27 SilverIcon.gif Silver. First, walk along the beach and collect the various items you find, including:

Continue until you reach a stream.

The player finds Yzan Argenson mourning the death of their shipmates.

Rest in one of the campsite bedrolls

Head up the hill towards the camp to find Yzan Argenson, the player's close friend. Yzan is glad to see us alive, and tells us to warm up by the campfire. Yzan informs us that Eto made it out alive and has gone to Cierzo to get help.

At this point, you can sleep in one of the bedrolls, which will complete the quest and begin Call to Adventure. Optionally, there are a number of items you can acquire in the area before you leave:

  • At the camp, take the Bandages and Bread
  • Loot the junk pile on the beach below Yzan (drop down or walk around to the left of Yzan)

South-west of the camp there is an opening into another area which contains two Hyenas, as well as other various items.

  • Take the Machete, and optionally run past the hyenas and loot the Hollowed Trunk by the back of the grassed area
  • The hyenas can drop Predator Bones, if you are confident fighting them.
    • The Fishing Harpoon is the most effective weapon available in the tutorial to defeat the Hyenas
  • Down the stream in this area (opposite side of the Fishing Harpoon), there is a Mining Pick at the end.

When you are ready, return to the camp and sleep for at least one hour in the bedroll to complete the quest.


If "stuck" command was used:

  • You will have severely burned Vitals. However, you can rest in the bed to restore them if you wish.


  • Using the "Stuck" command will also finish the quest.

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