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Call to Elements
Call to Elements.png
Grants a Boon depending on location
5 Mana Mana
120 seconds
Skill info
Skill type
Sub type
Skill tier
Acquired From
Acquired From
Adalbert the Hermit (Hermit's House)
50 SilverIcon.gif
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Call to Elements is a universal Cabal Hermit skill in Outward.


Grants you a boon that varies according to your location when casting this spell.


Call to Elements grants a different Boon depending on your current location. For locations with no associated boon, Rage will be granted by default.


Location Boon Received
Chersonese (exterior) Cool
Blister Burrow Possessed
Blue Chamber's Conflux Path Rage
Cierzo Cool
Cierzo Storage Possessed
Conflux Chambers Mist
Corrupted Tombs Cool
Ghost Pass Mist
Heroic Kingdom's Conflux Path Possessed
Holy Mission's Conflux Path Discipline
Montcalm Clan Fort Cool
Vendavel Fortress Rage
Voltaic Hatchery Blessed
All other Chersonese Misc. Dungeons Rage

Enmerkar Forest[]

Location Boon Received
Enmerkar Forest (exterior) Mist
Berg Mist
Royal Manticore's Lair Rage
Forest Hives Cool
Cabal of Wind Temple Cool
Face of The Ancients Warm
Ancestor's Resting Place Mist
Necropolis Mist
All other Enmerkar Misc. Dungeons Rage

Hallowed Marsh[]

Location Boon Received
Hallowed Marsh (exterior) Blessed
Monsoon Blessed
Giants' Village Warm
Jade Quarry Cool
Reptilian Lair Rage
Dark Ziggurat Possessed
Spire of Light Blessed
Ziggurat Passage Blessed
Dead Roots Possessed
All other Marsh Misc. Dungeons Discipline


Location Boon Received
Abrassar (exterior) Warm
Levant Warm
Undercity Passage Warm
Electric Lab Blessed
The Slide Blessed
Stone Titan Caves Blessed
Ancient Hive Cool
Sand Rose Cave Warm
All other Abrassar Misc. Dungeons Discipline

Antique Plateau[]

Location Boon Received
Antique Plateau (exterior) Possessed
Harmattan Possessed
Abandoned Living Quarters Discipline
Forgotten Research Laboratory Mist
Ancient Foundry Warm
Ruined Warehouse Blessed
Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility Blessed
Crumbling Loading Docks Possessed
Destroyed Test Chambers Cool
Compromised Mana Transfer Station Mist
Old Harmattan Possessed
All other Antique Plateau Misc. Dungeons Rage


Location Boon Received
Caldera (exterior) Warm
New Sirocco Rage
Ark of the Exiled Blessed
Myrmitaur's Haven Possessed
Oil Refinery Blessed
Old Sirocco Rage
Scarlet Sanctuary Warm
Steam Bath Tunnels Mist
Sulphuric Caverns Possessed
The Eldest Brother Warm
The Grotto of Chalcedony Cool
The Vault of Stone Mist
All other Caldera Misc. Dungeons Rage

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