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Caldera is a region in Outward. The main city of Caldera was Old Sirocco, but with the aid of the player New Sirocco becomes the region's main city. This region is exclusive to The Three Brothers DLC.


Caldera connects to Enmerkar Forest to the north.


For details about the open exterior region of Caldera (such as enemies, loot, NPCs, etc) see:


The following is a list of locations which can be accessed from Caldera outdoors.

Major Locations[]

Minor Locations[]

Minor locations are part of Caldera Misc. Dungeons, and will show this name on loading screens.


A harsh and hostile environment, roaming with dangerous beasts.

The Caldera region lies in the shadow of a volcano. As such, the land is wracked by earthquakes and unpredictable land shifts. I hear their primary settlement is at risk of tumbling into a fault line or some such. The nearest habitable region is the Hallowed Marsh. However, given the hostility of the region and the fact that it is home to the Holy Mission of Elatt... Well, negotiations will be very delicate. This is without mentioning that the Chamberlord of Monsoon is not affiliated with the Holy Mission that lives within his city, and he's said not to hold any real power. Sirocco must not be left to fend for itself, but the independence and sanctity of the city of Monsoon must be respected... It will be very difficult to reach an agreement that both will find acceptable.
~ Rissa Aberdeen


The region has a Hot Hot climate similar to Abrassar, and does not have dynamic seasons. It can occasionally rain in New Sirocco.


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