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The Cabal Hermit skill tree.

Cabal Hermit Skills are trained by Adalbert the Hermit, at Hermit's House in northeastern Chersonese.

List of Skills[]

Tier 1: Universal Skills[]

These are skills available without spending a Breakthrough point.

Reveal Soul.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  5 Mana  5s Cooldown

Reveal the blueish soul orb left by deceased thieves and adventurers.
Certain spells must be cast within proximity of a soul.
Call to Elements.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  5 Mana  120s Cooldown

Grants you a boon that varies according to your location when casting this spell.
Mana Push.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  5 Mana  15s Cooldown

Spell which inflicts no damage but has High Impact in a wide area in front of the caster.
Can be combined with other spells for powerful effects.
Weather Tolerance.png
100 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Increases your Hot and Cold Weather Defense by 8.
Increases your Decay Resistance by 5.

Tier 2: Breakthrough Skill[]

Shamanic Resonance.png
1 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

The effects of boons on you are increased.
For example, a boon that increases your Fire Resistance by 20 would increase it by 30 instead.

Tier 3: Specialization Skills[]

Sigil of Wind.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  10 Mana  100s Cooldown

Required: Activated Wind Altar.
Create a magic circle on the ground. Certain skills have additional effects when cast within this circle.
Infuse Wind.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  15 Mana  240s Cooldown

Required: Activated Wind Altar.
Increases the Impact and Attack Speed of your melee weapon for 3 minutes.
Your stamina burn increases more quickly, however.
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  10 Mana  8s Cooldown

Spell which does nothing on its own, but can be combined with other abilites.

Cabal of Wind Altars[]

The Totem in Chersonese

The Cabal of Wind Altars (or Totems) are spread throughout the world of Aurai, which grant the power to cast certain Cabal skills within a region.

Altar Locations[]

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