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The Vulcan is a Character Build in Outward, created by Sk0ooma.


The Vulcan
The "Perfect" Build, a hybrid of max DPS and Tank, able to fulfill any role or playstyle with optimal efficiency.
BreakthroughIcon.png Breakthroughs Required Faction
Well of Mana.png Shamanic Resonance.png Steadfast Ascetic.png Heroic Kingdom Banner.png
Weapon Off-Hand Head Body Boots Backpack
Brand.png Chimera Pistol.png Gold-Lich Mask.png Wolf Plate Armor.png Crimson Plate Boots.png Zhorn's Hunting Backpack.png
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Fire and Reload.png Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol.png Chimera Pistol.png

Full Build Details[]

(The “Perfect” Build)

Immortal Master of Guns: The Vulcan


      Breakthroughs: Warrior Monk/Shaman/Rune Sage 



       Crimson Chest
       Crimson Boots W/ Filter
       Gold Lich Mask W/ Filter
       Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack


       Runic Armor w/ Chaos and Creativity
       Gold Lich Mask W/ Filter
       Master Trader Boots W/ Flux
       Light Mender's Backpack 

-Immortal Endgame Tank:

       Wolf Plate Armor W/ Filter
       Gold Lich Mask W/ Filter
       Crimson Boots W/ Filter
       Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack

This build uses guns to boast some of the best DPS capabilities in the game, while simultaneously harboring the ability to transform into one of the most powerful tank roles available should you desire. And if that wasn’t enough, Or just not your style, it can also function as a pretty decent Mage class, or really just about anything you want...so if what you WANT is to never die again and melt bosses, then this is the build for you.

    General skill overview:

I am using Cabal Hermit, Warrior Monk, and Rune Sage as my primary breakthrough choices.

Cabal Hermit is used mainly for Shamanic Resonance (which is widely considered the best breakthrough in the game given how strong boons are) and Wind Sigil (which When combined with pistols, converts all damage to lightning and doubles it) but it has some added Bonus versatility should you want to cast more lightning spells or even summon a minion to aid you.

Warrior Monk was chosen pretty exclusively for its post breakthrough skill Master of Motion, but the bonus stamina it’s breakthrough provides is not nothing. And it provides the build with access to some handy melee skills for when it swaps over to a more tanky loadout.

And finally, Rune Sage is simply, IMO, the best overall skill tree in the game. The sheer versatility it provides is insane and is what allows this build to really just switch to any role and play however you want. The runic protection spell Also has awesome synergy with the previously mentioned Master of motion and Shamanic Resonance passives, and is responsible for this builds ability to switch to the near perfect TANK role.

    Specific Loadout Options:

First up we have the general purpose Lightning setup...this will be your primary go-to for most of the games content as it’s comparatively easier to acquire all the gear on a first playthrough, and doesn’t rely on a bunch of consumables or skills to be adequately effective.

All you really need as far as gear is concerned is the Light Mender's Backpack and Runic Armor enchanted with Chaos and Creativity for the added lightning damage bonus and movement speed, and a bunch of Chimera Pistols, but throughout your playthrough you can use whatever you can get your hands on and make do while you progress and work towards the chimeras.

Note: You can pre load as many guns as you want and swap between them with your hotkeys to fire rapidly and negate the slow reload speeds. As for the helmet, it can be pretty much whatever you want it to be, but I choose to use the Gold Lich Mask, simply because I use this mask for the tank loadout (which we’ll get to) and I like to make things easier by using as much of the same gear across all roles as possible. And the Master trader boots enchanted w/ Flux for additional lightning damage and the speed and mobility bonus, this makes travel a lot nicer.

Now for the skills, all you really NEED to get things going is the wind sigil from the Hermit trainer...you have to use the breakthrough for Shamanic Resonance to do this but this is important for all 3 loadouts and you can also learn Conjure from the same trainer, and combine it and Spark with your sigil to get some good old fashion lightning spells to supplement your attack options while you work your way towards more guns. It’s also a good idea to learn the Blessed Boon in Monsoon.

The next loadout is the boss killer...it requires a significantly large investment compared to the lightning setup, and ideally multiple playthroughs (or a really nice friend) as you want both the Crimson Armor set (which rewards you with a 55 ice damage bonus) that you receive for completing the Blue chamber faction and the Alchemical experiment passive (which adds 15% to all your damage dealt) from the Heroic Kingdom.

Something interesting to note about this loadout is that it’s based entirely on a skill that is not part of any of the main 3 class trainers in this build. All you need for this (as far as skills go) is the Shamanic Resonance that you should already have from your lightning loadout, and Frost Bullet from the Mercenary trainer. Learning the Cool Boon from the Second Watcher in the Conflux Chamber is also a pretty good idea as it can add a bit of convenience to your pre combat prep by saving you a precious Cool potion.

Speaking of cool potions, you are going to need a LOT of them, because they essentially act as your ammo here by loading the cool boon they provide into the gun for Frost Bullet. Interestingly, Frost bullet is able to be preloaded into your guns here as well just like regular bullets with the lightning setup.

Fun fact: Frost bullet fires a cone in front of you, Like a shotgun Blast, and can hit multiple enemies at once. If you use an obsidian pistol, a well placed frost bullet can apply burn to multiple enemies at the same time with a single shot...this works as well with any other status effect a gun can inflict.

For the weapons you will be using, it’s basically the same as with the lightning loadout, 7 chimera pistols, but also for the mainhand you will want to use Brand. When combining the chimeras elemental vulnerability with Brands Chill and Pain procs, you can pretty much just murder everything...so long as you have enough cool potions...which again is why this load out is best reserved for only super tough fights and bosses.

This brings us to The final loadout, the tank.

For gear you are going to want to pick up the Wolf Plate Armor from the Smuggler in Levant and enchant it with Filter. And also Zhorn's Hunting Backpack, which you can get in the Royal Manticores Lair in Enmerker, just remember to Bring a large emerald with you. And for the rest, you will just use the Gold Lich Mask and Crimson Boots that you already have and also enchant with Filter.

There are, several ways to achieve max resistances in this game, but most require extremely expensive and difficult to acquire armor, the Lantern of Souls, or Exalted...or all of the above. Personally I don’t like having my offhand tied up by a lantern, especially since this IS a gun build, and I generally don’t much care for Exalted, you can’t use its bonuses in co op and I wanted something that wouldn’t lock you in a position of NEEDING buffs up at all times.

Now to actually achieve Godlike resistances, you are going to need to utilize a combination of food buffs, spells and boons alongside your armor.

these are, the Discipline boon, which activates the Master of Motion passive from the Warrior Monk, Enrage, the appropriate elemental boons, Runic protection, Health and stamina up consumables, water, mineral teas, elemental Resistance Potion, and gaberry wine. All of this combined will put you at MAX resistances for everything except Impact.

Some of the consumable items are a little rare to constantly carry larger quantities, so it’s highly recommended that this loadout is only used for Really tough fights that require pre planning and prep.


Lightning Bullet
Sigil of Wind.png > Fire and Reload.png
Frost Bullet
Cool.png > Frost Bullet.png

Blessed.png > Possessed.png > Mist.png > Warm.png > Cool.png > Runic Protection.png > Elemental Resistance Potion.png > Mineral Tea.png > Gaberry Wine.png > Focus.png > Enrage.png

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