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The Hurricane is a Character Build in Outward, created by Churchy Plays.


The Hurricane
The Hurricane embodies hitting hard and fast. By taking advantage of the Shamanic Resonance skill from the Cabal Hermit tree and the Rage Boon and then combining that with Infuse Wind, The Hurricane Uses the now ridiculously high impact and attack speed of the Porcelain fists to control the battlefield.
BreakthroughIcon.png Breakthroughs Required Faction
Shamanic Resonance.png Steadfast Ascetic.png Daredevil.png Any
Weapon Off-Hand Head Body Boots Backpack
Porcelain Fists.png Any Squire Headband.png Squire Attire.png Squire Boots.png Boozu Hide Backpack.png
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Counterstrike.png Probe.png Brace.png Unerring Read.png Prismatic Flurry.png Sweep Kick.png Prime.png Push Kick.png

The Strategy[]

Before a Fight
Call to Elements.png > Enrage.png > Focus.png > Infuse Wind.png
During a Fight
Porcelain Fists.png > Probe.png > Sweep Kick.png > Brace.png > Push Kick.png > Prime.png > Counterstrike.png > Unerring Read.png
Useful Foods & Potions
Alpha Jerky.png > Marshmelon Tartine.png > Mineral Tea.png > Turmmip Potage.png > Poutine.png > Astral Potion.png > Life Potion.png > Discipline Potion.png > Rage Potion.png

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