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Pure Mage is a Character Build in Outward, created by Briandude777.


Pure Mage
This build is a magic only build that focuses on Sigil Magic and Runic Magic in between. It is a generalist build, being able to deal any type of damage effectively.
BreakthroughIcon.png Breakthroughs Required Faction
Leyline Connection.png Well of Mana.png Shamanic Resonance.png Holy Mission Banner.png
Weapon Off-Hand Head Body Boots Backpack
Jade Scimitar.png Light Mender's Lexicon.png Red Wide Hat.png Red Clansage Robe.png Gold-Lich Boots.png Light Mender's Backpack.png
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Dez.png Egoth.png Fal.png Shim.png Sigil of Fire.png Sigil of Ice.png Spark.png Mana Push.png

Full Build Details[]

Skills can easily be swapped out to prepare for specific boss fights. Sigil of Wind can replace Fire/Ice, and for a mostly Frost fight, Mana Ward and Push Kick can be substituted for more Frost spells.

For Rune Sage, [Runic Prefix] is taken in order to get Decay damage on the Runic Claymore, as there is no form of Decay magic aside from the Blood Bullet.

For Philosopher, [Sigil of Ice] is taken over Fire Affinity, as without it, Frost damage will be severely lacking.

Lastly, for Cabal Hermit, [Sigil of Wind] is vital as it provides extreme amounts of Lightning damage and Impact with Conjure and Spark.


Buffing up
Marshmelon Tartine.png > Bread of the Wild.png > Cool (skill).png > Mist (skill).png > Possessed (skill).png > Blessed (skill).png > Elemental Resistance Potion.png > Enrage.png > Focus.png > Dez.png > Egoth.png > Dez.png > Fal.png
Fire Rotation
Warm (skill).png > Sigil of Fire.png > Mana Ward.png > Flint and Steel.png > Spark.png
Frost Rotation
Cool (skill).png > Sigil of Ice.png > Mana Push.png > Mana Ward.png > Push Kick.png
Lightning Rotation
Fal.png > Dez.png > Blessed (skill).png > Sigil of Wind.png > Fal.png > Shim.png > Spark.png > Conjure.png
Ethereal Rotation
Mist (skill).png > Enrage.png > Shim.png > Fal.png > Shim.png > Egoth.png > Sigil of Wind.png > Mana Push.png
Decay Rotation
Possessed (skill).png > Enrage.png > Shim.png > Egoth.png > Shim.png > Egoth.png > Pommel Counter.png > Brace.png

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