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Elatt's philosopher is a Character Build in Outward, created by Sawe.


Elatt's Philosopher
This build uses 3 elemental channels in the form of sigils and a Chakram to support any or all channels
BreakthroughIcon.png Breakthroughs Required Faction
Leyline Connection.png Steadfast Ascetic.png Shamanic Resonance.png Holy Mission Banner.png
Weapon Off-Hand Head Body Boots Backpack
Any Frozen Chakram.png Arcane Hood.png Candle Plate Armor.png Candle Plate Boots.png Any
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chakram Pierce.png Chakram Arc.png Chakram Dance.png Brace.png Spark.png Mana Push.png Sigil of Fire.png Sigil of Wind.png

Full Build Details[]

In the quickslots you can replace the sigils for other sigils, like ice; as needed or call them from the skills menu. Keep in mind that one of the best combos is spark on sigil of fire and wind for double combo; and boons are amplified in your build. Use brace or focus to get discipline and bonus damage with chakrams. With the DLC The Soroboreans; an enchanted Ornate Chakram is a viable alternative. Another alternative is to not get the sigil of ice to only focus on 2 channels


Spark Spam
Discipline Potion.png > Sigil of Fire.png > Sigil of Wind.png > Mana Ward.png > Spark.png
All ice
Discipline Potion.png > Sigil of Ice.png > Mana Push.png > Mana Ward.png > Chakram Arc.png

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