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Breath of Darkness
Breath of Darkness.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
3500 Health
Impact Res.
70% Impact.png
Damage Resist
35% Physical
70% Ethereal
20% Decay
-50% Lightning
Immune To
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
40 Physical 15 Ethereal
75 Impact.png
Found At
The Vault of Stone

Breath of Darkness is a secret boss in Outward.


A larger and more threatening version of an Ancient Dweller, found through a secret puzzle in the Caldera region. For a description of how to solve the puzzle, see the bottom of this article.

The boss room is extremely dark, you will need to bring a light source of some kind for the fight.

Like the Concealed Knight: ???, this enemy will respawn on Area Reset.


The Breath of Darkness's melee attacks ignore 50% of player damage resistances (not including Protection or Barrier).


  • Creates a gust of Ethereal energy which continuously deals 15 Ethereal Ethereal damage and 1 Impact.png Impact every 0.3 seconds for 3.6 seconds. Restores health to the Ancient Dweller and inflicts Mild Petrification at 8% buildup per hit.
  • Sends out three delayed homing projectiles which each deal 25 Ethereal Ethereal damage and 50 Impact.png Impact, and inflict Despirited (52%) and Mild Petrification (15%).
  • Sings a song and inflicts Haunted to all targets in a wide radius at 13% buildup per second for 4 seconds

Drop Table[]

  • In addition to these drops, after defeating the boss there will be a random sample node which spawns on the side of the room, either on the left or the right side around the wall.

Guaranteed Items

Dweller's Brain.png Dweller's Brain (1)

Random Items 1
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Empty drop25%
Occult Remains.png Occult Remains (1)25%
Crystal Powder.png Crystal Powder (1)25%
Ghost's Eye.png Ghost's Eye (1)25%

Random Items 2
This drop table will be rolled 5 times.

ItemsChance *
Ore Sample.png Ore Sample (1)33.33% (87%)
Plant Sample.png Plant Sample (1)33.33% (87%)
Molepig Specimen.png Molepig Specimen (1)33.33% (87%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 5 rolls.

Puzzle Solution[]

This enemy is found only by solving the secret puzzle in the Caldera region. Note that solving each step is required for all characters, you need to physically approach the runic messages for the game to recognize your progress in the puzzle.

In order to complete the puzzle, you will need to have:

  1. First, you must pull the lever in The Vault of Stone to release the Dwellers into exterior Caldera.
  2. Four Ancient Dweller enemies will be released into exterior Caldera, one corresponding to each Unidentified Sample Rotation. You will need to find the Dweller for each sample rotation and kill it - each Dweller only spawns while on their respective rotation. You must kill all four Dwellers without resetting the scene, you can do this by sleeping for 2 days at a time in exterior Caldera!
    • Rotation A's Dweller starts at the north-west of Caldera near the Sulphuric Caverns, B starts at the north-east near the The Vault of Stone, C starts south-east near New Sirocco, and D starts south-west near the alternate exit to Old Sirocco.
    • Map of Dweller spawn locations. The Dwellers can roam around the area they spawn, you may not always find them exactly where the map indicates.
    • Note: There might currently be a bug which may cause Dweller A and B to spawn at each other's positions instead of their own. If you can't find them near where they should be, try looking at the other Dweller's location instead.
  3. After killing all four Dwellers, a secret Runic Message will appear in Old Sirocco, on the first level down (in the room with the minecart) on a slightly raised platform near a Chest. It reads "MÉDUSE SOUFRE BLEU" (Blue Sulphur Medusa, or Blue Sulphur Jellyfish). This is a hint for the next location, the Sulphuric Caverns.
  4. At the Sulphuric Caverns, make your way to the blue sulphur pool deep in the caverns, then push the button at the machinery here (requires unlocking Daughter Medyse). After doing so, there will be another runic message on the metal ramp which reads "BAIN" (Bath).
  5. At the Steam Bath Tunnels in the path opposite the red door, hidden behind a stone shed you will find another runic message which reads "LION CRISTAL CORDE" (Lion Crystal Rope).
  6. At The Grotto of Chalcedony make your way across the metal bridge with two calygrey on it, on the pulley wheel of the right wooden tower you will find a glowing yellow stone in the center of the pulley wheel (requires unlocking Kid Calygrey). When you interact with the glowing yellow stone, another runic message is revealed which reads "CALDEIRA" (French for "Caldera", meaning a volcanic crater).
  7. At the Scarlet Sanctuary, head straight and down the triwinged staircase, head through the east hallway towards a glowing lever and Scarlet Emissary on the wall you will find another runic message which reads "CERF FRÈRE COEUR" (Deer Brother Heart).
  8. At the bottom of The Eldest Brother on the metal platform, interact with the corpse on the ground (requires unlocking Severed Obsidian) to reveal more runic messages on the metal bridge you crossed which read "CHANT NOIRCEUR PRUDENCE" (Song Darkness Caution).
  9. At The Vault of Stone, in the lower tunnels (through the gate which required pulling the lever to unlock) you will find a small cavern opening at the end of a tunnel next to a chest. Enter the cavern to find the Breath of Darkness and complete the puzzle.

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