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Breakthrough Skills are passives you can buy at a skill trainer. Purchasing a breakthrough skill will cost 1 BreakthroughIcon.png Breakthrough point. Players only have 3 points per playthrough, so 3 Breakthrough skills can be obtained. All Breakthroughs cost 500 SilverIcon.gif silver.

Purchasing the Breakthrough skill will allow you to unlock the Tier-3 skills on the Skill Tree.


Bloodlust.pngBloodlustFor every death around the caster, recover 5 max Health, Stamina and Mana burn.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifElla Lockwell
Daredevil.pngDaredevilReduce all skill Cooldowns by 10% per Alertness level.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifSerge Battleborn
Feather Dodge.pngFeather DodgeLowers the Stamina cost of dodging by 50% and allows you to dodge unimpeded even when wearing a backpack.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifStyx
Leyline Connection.pngLeyline ConnectionYou regain 0.34 mana per second.
This is a constant effect
21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifAlemmon
Sacred Fumes.pngSacred FumesIncreases Barrier by 7.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifSinai, the Primal Ritualist
Shamanic Resonance.pngShamanic ResonanceThe effects of boons on you are increased.
For example, a boon that increases your Fire Resistance by 20 would increase it by 30 instead.
21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifAdalbert the Hermit
Spellblade's Awakening.pngSpellblade's AwakeningIncreases your maximum Health, Stamina and Mana by 15 each21BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifEto Akiyuki
Steadfast Ascetic.pngSteadfast AsceticIncreases your maximum Stamina by 40.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifGalira
Survivor's Resilience.pngSurvivor's ResilienceIncreases your maximum health by 40.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifTure
Swift Foot.pngSwift FootYour movement speed is increased by 10%21 BreakthroughIcon.png 500 SilverIcon.gifJaimon
Well of Mana.pngWell of ManaIncreases your maximum Mana by 40.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifFlase

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