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Bows are one of the best long range weapons in Outward. They excel over other ranged weapons like Pistols due to their range and ability to manually target Enemies from a distance. Bows require arrows to be equipped in order to fire. For closer enemies there is option for an auto-lock.

Several Skills require a Bow to be equipped.

Bow Skills[]

See also: Wild Hunter

List of Bows[]

IconNameDamageImpact.pngProtectionBarrierStaminaSpeedDamage Bonus%DurabilityWeightEffects
Astral Bow.pngAstral Bow The Three Brothers35 Physical
20 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed10% Ethereal
10% Decay
10% Lightning
10% Frost
10% Fire
Ceremonial Bow.pngCeremonial Bow The Three Brothers35 Physical
16 Impact.png2.99 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2003.0
Chalcedony Bow.pngChalcedony Bow The Three Brothers25.2 Physical
4.8 Frost
17 Impact.png2.875 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Chill
Coralhorn Bow.pngCoralhorn Bow34 Physical
16 Impact.png3.96 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2004.0Pain
Damascene Bow.pngDamascene Bow The Three Brothers40 Physical
18 Impact.png3.105 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4003.0Increases the damage of weapon skills
Forged Glass Bow.pngForged Glass Bow The Three Brothers42 Physical
20 Impact.pngBarrier3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3253.0
Galvanic Bow.pngGalvanic Bow The Soroboreans37 Physical
20 Impact.png3.105 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Pain
Gold Bow.pngGold Bow32 Physical
22 Impact.png2.76 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4005.0
Horror Bow.pngHorror Bow40 Physical
21 Impact.png5.72 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2004.0Poisoned
Kazite Bow.pngKazite Bow The Soroboreans33 Physical
18 Impact.png2.56 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Weaken
Masterpiece Bow.pngMasterpiece Bow The Three Brothers45 Physical
19 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4303.0Increases the damage of weapon skills
Meteoric Bow.pngMeteoric Bow The Three Brothers24.5 Physical
24.5 Fire
21 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4003.0Holy Blaze
Militia Bow.pngMilitia Bow The Three Brothers37 Physical
28 Impact.pngProtection2.875 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4003.0
Murmure.pngMurmure The Three Brothers55 Physical
16 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3003.0-15% Stamina Stamina costs
-15% Physical resistance on Player
Obsidian Bow.pngObsidian Bow The Three Brothers25.2 Physical
4.8 Fire
17 Impact.png2.875 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Scorched
Recurve Bow.pngRecurve Bow31 Physical
14 Impact.png2.64 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2754.0Slow Down
Simple Bow.pngSimple Bow26 Physical
12 Impact.png2.13 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0
Smoke Bow.pngSmoke Bow The Three Brothers37 Physical
30 Impact.png3.105 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3003.0Blaze
Tsar Bow.pngTsar Bow The Soroboreans50 Physical
30 Impact.png3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed7.0
Vampiric Bow.pngVampiric Bow The Soroboreans48 Physical
18 Impact.png2.99 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2503.0Leeches health on hit
Vigilante Bow.pngVigilante Bow The Three Brothers38 Physical
22 Impact.pngProtection3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4003.0
War Bow.pngWar Bow37 Physical
25 Impact.png4.99 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3505.0Confusion
Wolf Bow.pngWolf Bow The Soroboreans39 Physical
16 Impact.png2.99 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3254.0Crippled

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