Blue Chamber's Conflux Path

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Blue Chamber's Conflux Path
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Blue Chamber's Conflux Path is a location on Conflux Mountain, which leads to Conflux Chambers.

Description[edit | edit source]

Blue Chamber's Conflux Path is located around half way up the mountain on the southern side.

This dungeon is a maze, and there is a drop-down immediately at the start. The only way out once dropping down is by finding the Conflux Chambers, or by being defeated.

Path to Conflux Chambers[edit | edit source]

To reach Conflux Chambers from the entrance, follow the Blue Skulls:

  • Take an immediate right turn.
  • Turn right at the next intersection.
  • Head straight through on the next intersection. If you see stairs down to your right, you're in the right place.
  • Take the stairs down to your right on the next intersection.
  • Follow the path around to the door.

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