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Blood Under The Sun/Quick guide
Quest Giver
Any Inn
Reach the point of the Attack on Berg in your faction quests
Quest Type
Parallel Quest

Blood Under The Sun is a Parallel Quest in Outward.


This quest has a timer of 40 days. Failing to complete the quest in this time will result in an immediate failure ("any evidence to help solve the murder will be long gone"). Additionally, the quest will be failed if you have not completed it by the time your third faction quest begins (and you have waited the 3 days).

  • Note: for Heroic Kingdom members, you must have started finding the clues before you wait the 3 days for Mouths to Feed

Members of the Holy Mission who want to do this quest are advised to complete it before they return from Enmerkar Forest during Doubts and Secrets.


  1. Reach the point of the Attack on Berg in your faction quest-line.
  2. Enter any Inn in a city and walk around until you trigger the conversation
  3. Find a clue inside a wooden outpost in the burnt forest, in Enmerkar's south
    • Go the Burnt Outpost in Enmerkar Forest, which is in the south-east corner of the map near the Burning Tree
    • Read the note on the table in the first room
  4. Find a clue in the Hive Prison, in Abrassar
    • Enter the Hive Prison and read the note on your left by the wooden wall
  5. Find a clue in the Levant's slums, in Abrassar
    • On the rooftops in the Slums of Levant, in a wooden basket.
    • If you climb up the stairs in the south-eastern corner of the Slums, it's to your left on the next building.
  6. Talk to Cyrene, in the city of Levant, in the Abrassar desert.
  7. Find Prince Pietro in the Undercity Passage, under Levant's slums.
    • Immediately pull the lever in front of you, before Cyrene.
    • Walk a short distance forward and talk to Cyrene at the ledge.
    • [Optional] Find the Baron - The Baron can be found to your left immediately after entering the dungeon.
      • You can either take his bribe of 300 SilverIcon.gif (recommended, no effect on outcome of quest) or fight him.
    • Go to the very bottom of this dungeon, below where Cyrene was last spoken to.
    • Find Cyrene and Prince Pietro at the bottom and talk to them.
  8. Talk to Queen Calixa for a reward, in the Palace of Levant



  • The buy-price of items in Levant shops are no longer increased (but the sell price is still increased).
  • If Tamara is available in the Slums, she will now stock the Chimera Pistol
  • 1 Hackmanite from Cyrene (in Undercity Passage)

Heroic Kingdom members[]

Other Faction members[]

  • Members of other factions receive 4 Gold Ingot
  • The Levant Player House will be awarded to the player at the end of their main faction quest line.


  • The buy prices in Levant remain the same.
  • Members of the Heroic Kingdom can purchase the Levant house if they wish.
  • Members of other factions can purchase the house at the end of their quest line.

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