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One of the Blood Altars in Outward.

Blood Altars are found in the Antique Plateau region, used for the transmutation of Thirst weapons into Vampiric Weapons.


Each Blood Altar can only be used once per play-through, so players can create a total of 4 different Vampiric Weapons per character save (although, one can make Vampiric Weapons as a guest in Co-op too).

The Blood Altars require a weapon with a Thirst (Enchantment) on it, which has sufficiently damaged enough enemies to reach the "Quenched" status on the enchantment. The weapon can then be placed inside the altar and transmuted into the corresponding Vampiric Weapon.

Required Damage[]

The required damage dealt with a Thirst weapon depends on the weapon type:

  • Dagger: 12,000 damage
  • Bow: 15,000 damage
  • Any other: 17,500 damage

Note: Imbues added to the weapon will make this tally go up faster, as well as any other damage bonuses which affect the weapon. It is based on the actual damage dealt at a 1:1 ratio.


Red stars indicate a Blood Altar location.
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Blood Altars can be found in the exterior region of Antique Plateau, in the four corners of the region. Each Altar is generally guarded by some aggressive enemies.

  • One is north-west of the Isolated Windmill marker (north-east)
  • One is east of the Ancient Turbine marker (south-east)
  • One is north-west of the Abandoned Fortress marker (south-west)
  • One is by the Ancient Bunker marker (north-west)

Vampiric Weapons[]

Vampiric Axe.pngVampiric Axe The Soroboreans38 Physical
240.92754.0Leeches health on hit1H Axe
Vampiric Bow.pngVampiric Bow The Soroboreans48 Physical
181.02503.0Leeches health on hitBow
Vampiric Dagger.pngVampiric Dagger The Soroboreans40 Physical
381.02001.0Leeches health on hitDagger
Vampiric Greataxe.pngVampiric Greataxe The Soroboreans52 Physical
360.93506.0Leeches health on hit2H Axe
Vampiric Greatmace.pngVampiric Greatmace The Soroboreans48 Physical
450.94007.0Leeches health on hit2H Mace
Vampiric Greatsword.pngVampiric Greatsword The Soroboreans50 Physical
390.93006.0Leeches health on hit2H Sword
Vampiric Halberd.pngVampiric Halberd The Soroboreans44 Physical
410.93256.0Leeches health on hitHalberd
Vampiric Knuckles.pngVampiric Knuckles The Soroboreans34 Physical
180.92253.0Leeches health on hit2H Gauntlet
Vampiric Mace.pngVampiric Mace The Soroboreans46 Physical
380.93505.0Leeches health on hit1H Mace
Vampiric Spear.pngVampiric Spear The Soroboreans46 Physical
260.92505.0Leeches health on hitSpear
Vampiric Sword.pngVampiric Sword The Soroboreans36 Physical
230.92254.0Leeches health on hit1H Sword

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