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Blocking is a combat mechanic in Outward related to Stability and Impact Impact.png.

Effects and Properties[]

  • Blocking prevents all damage to Health Health from melee attacks or physical projectiles.
  • Only certain skills can block magical blasts (see below).
  • Blocking will increase the players maximum stability by 50%, indicated by the the small shield symbol next to the stability bar, and the bar turning orange.
    • Weapons gain the same 50% bonus as shields, so blocking with even basic starting weapons can be surprisingly effective.
  • Shields also grant bonus impact resistance, which will continue to apply even if the guard meter is depleted.
  • When blocking an attack, you will lose Stamina Stamina equivalent to 1/8th of the impact you received from the attack. So with higher impact resistance, blocking will consume less stamina. Stamina Stamina regeneration is also greatly reduced while holding the block button.


  • Magical projectiles can often be blocked with Shields, but not by blocking with other Weapons.

Blocking Skills[]

Magic Blocking Skills[]

Magic Blocking Skills can block any attack, including magical blasts.

Parry Skills[]

Parrying skills will block melee attacks, and then counter with an attack in response.

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