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Blade Dancer
Blade Dancer 2.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
345 Health
Impact Res.
40 Impact.png
Damage Resistance:
  • 30 Physical  
  • -40 Ethereal  
  • 40 Decay  
  • -40 Lightning  
Immune To
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
14 Physical 14 Decay
83 Impact.png
Found At
Hallowed Marsh
Dark Ziggurat Interior
Ziggurat Passage
Abandoned Ziggurat

Blade Dancer is a type of Golem enemy in Outward, and is a creation of the Plague Doctor.


A hostile creature found in the Hallowed Marsh. The creature has a black body, adorned with various Jade jewellery and armor, and it has seemingly telekinetic control over multiple jade scimitars.

Combat & Tactics[]

Like all Golems, it is immune to Bleeding and Poison status effects.

The Blade Dancer's telekinetic attacks allow for quick, three swipe attacks as well as long cleaves. A common way of dealing with this is to roll away each time it starts an attack, opening up an opportunity for a quick ranged attack or spell. Melee is not recommended as the Blade Dancer's three-swipe attack is enough to knock the player down with ease.

For melee, you can stay far away from it and wait for its charging attack, then evade it by running away. After the charging attack, you can attack a few hits behind it (or you can Push Kick it), then move away and repeat the process.


Blade Dancers have knowledge of two skills:

  • On it's third attack, can perform a side-swipe with all 3 swords, which deals an extra 8 Physical Physical damage and 100+ Impact.png Impact.
  • A powerful charging sword attack, which also deals an extra 8 Physical Physical damage and high impact.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Items

Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1)

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Dark Varnish.png Dark Varnish (1)25%
Jade Acolyte Robes.png Jade Acolyte Robes (1)12.5%
Jade Acolyte Cowl.png Jade Acolyte Cowl (1)12.5%
Jade Acolyte Boots.png Jade Acolyte Boots (1)12.5%
Jade-Lich Mace.png Jade-Lich Mace (1)6.25%
Jade Scimitar.png Jade Scimitar (1)31.25%


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