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Beware the Gold Lich
Gold Lich - LichGold.png
Quest Giver
Light Mender
Spire of Light
Quest Type
Minor Quest

Beware the Gold Lich is a Minor Quest in Outward that takes place inside the Spire of Light in south eastern Hallowed Marsh.


Starting the Quest[]

The teleporter lever.

To start this quest, approach the throne at the top floor of the Spire of Light. A series of teleportation platforms leads to the throne, but first require a lever to be interacted with to use them. There are also other levers found throughout the Spire, used to deactive different unrelated blue barriers (See Spire of Light for more information).

Reaching the Throne Room[]

An overview of the path to the top of the Spire.

Go straight ahead past a pair of Golden Minions and turn right at the next floor. Follow the curved path around and you will see a blue dome above the entrance to the Spire of Light, as well as a metal staircase on the left. Take the stairs and then a second set of stairs, which leads to a large machine directly above the blue dome seen earlier. The machine is protected by a Golden Specter (Cannon) and another roaming Golden Minion. In front of the machine is a lever that will disable the blue dome, revealing the first teleportation platform. Pull the lever and return to the teleporter downstairs, and use it to transport to a higher floor, which is also guarded by a Golden Specter (Cannon) and Golden Minion. Fight or run past the enemies and take the next teleporter to the subsequent floor, revealing a golden throne. Move near the throne to start a conversation with its owner, adding the quest to the Journal Menu. Threatening the Lich or refusing to leave allows the throne to be used to teleport the player to the Light Mender's location.

Confronting the Gold Lich[]

Interact with the throne to fight Gold-Mask Lich in the Light Spire, in the Hallowed Marsh.

Should you advance, you will come face-to-face with the Gold Lich, an ancient being with a strong association to the Lightning element. See Light Mender for details about this battle. When ready, interact with the throne to begin the boss fight in another, larger room.

Finishing Up[]

Choose three rewards from the Gold-Mask Lich.

If victorious (and after threats of further violence), the player is offered a selection of uncommon and rare crafting materials. Any combination of items from the list below may be received up to 3 times. To leave the chamber, interact with the sigil on the floor in front of the Lich.

Wait one week for the mechanisms of the Spire to collect more resources.

Thereafter, the player may return once per week to choose another selection of 3 reoccurring rewards as above, no combat necessary.

Return to the top of the Light Spire for gifts of useful minerals.


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