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Enmerkar Forest
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City - Berg
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A map of Berg
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Berg is the major City in the Enmerkar Forest region in Outward.


The ancient city of Berg is the seat of the Blue Chamber Collective's power, and the location of the eponymous Blue Chamber. When a tribal council is called upon to discuss major decisions, Chamberlords gather here from across Aurai.

Despite the high stone walls, defensible doors and the ancient Forge Golems to defend it, Berg too was struck hard by the beasts of the Scourge. A large section of the city lies in ruins and is currently uninhabited.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)


  • Old Coin's Inn - 25 SilverIcon.gif silver per night
  • Clean Water - there is a large area of clean water in front of the Blue Chamber Building

Berg Player House[]

In order to be able to purchase the player house within the city, you must either join the The Blue Chamber Collective, or complete any faction quest line. The house is located near the southern entrance to Berg, and can be seen marked on the map of the city. Once you have joined the faction and received the Cierzo town key, an NPC named "House Seller Karin" will appear in front of the house in Berg. When you speak to her, she will offer you the house for 500 Silver.

Inside the house directly in front of the entrance is the Stash, and a Kitchen to the right. On the immediate left of the front door is an Alchemy Kit.

This house has neither the Clean Water well in the Levant Player House, nor the garden from the Monsoon Player House. It has no special crafting add-ons different from the starting house besides the Alchemy Kit.

Blue Chamber Building[]

The entrance to the Blue Chamber Buidling.

The Blue Chamber in Berg is where many factions meet to discuss important issues. Notably, this location is where the 'attack on Berg' occurs during the early parts of each faction quest-line.

The building is found at the higher part of Berg, near a large water-covered area. It is hard to miss, being the largest building in the city.

Inside the building, one can find a doorway which leads to Necropolis.

Unknown Arena[]

This location contains an end-game boss fight known as an Unknown Arena. See this article for more details.





  • Ture, Wild Hunter trainer
  • Flase, Sage Trainer



Item Spawns:

  • 1 Fishing Harpoon - south of Ogoi, leaning next to some stairs where several Kazite are sitting

Loot Containers:


Berg Player House Loot[]

  • 1 Recurve Bow - in the second floor bedroom of the Berg player house
  • 3 Tripwire Trap - in the second floor bedroom of the Berg player house
  • 2 Iron Spikes - in the second floor bedroom of the Berg player house


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