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Beaten and bloody, but alive is one of the possible Defeat Scenarios in Outward.


Pain wracks your body as you wake up from your injury. Your foes have left you for dead, but linger nearby. With intense effort and sheer desperation, you manage to drag yourself back to the entrance to this place, where you fall unconscious once more.

It is hours before you regain consciousness. You are beaten and bloody, but alive. You will wear these scars for quite some time...You curse your recklessness and vow to be more prepared for danger in the future.


Players awaken at same location as defeat.

From this scenario, 4-47 hours will have passed.


  • Backpack will be unequipped and nearby
  • In some cases, the player's equipped Helmet may be unequipped and nearby
  • Player may receive various Hexes or other negative effects depending on location

Spawned items:


  • Health Health: 30-40%, burnt: Unchanged
  • Mana Mana: Unchanged, burnt: Unchanged
  • Stamina Stamina: Unchanged, burnt: Unchanged


  • Hunger: Unchanged
  • Thirst: Unchanged
  • Rest: Unchanged
  • Temperature: 50%

Received at locations[]

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