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Barrier Barrier is an attribute, exclusive to The Three Brothers The Three Brothers DLC. It is a resistance stat which only affects Elemental-type damage (Ethereal Lightning Decay Frost Fire).

Barrier does not work against DoTs.


Against attacks which deal a single element, Barrier works the same way as Protection, reducing the damage by a flat amount. However if the attack contains multiple damage types, it will only resist one of them. First it will pick the element(s) from the damage which you have the lowest resistance for (less than or equal to comparison), then from those it picks the type which would deal the most damage against you and resists that.

For example, suppose that an incoming attack deals 100 Fire damage and 1 Ethereal damage, and that you have 5 Barrier, 50 Fire Resistance and 0 Ethereal Resistance. Because you have lower Ethereal than Fire resistance, this will be the element that is resisted by Barrier (in this case, reducing the Ethereal damage to 0 and doing nothing else).

For another example, suppose that you now have 10 Fire and 10 Ethereal resistance against the same attack. It would choose to resist Fire because you have equal Resistances to both elements, and the Fire damage would have dealt more. In this case, it would reduce the Fire damage to 95 (100 damage - 5 Barrier).

Barrier Sources[]


Barrier (Effect) The Three BrothersFlat3 to 63 minutes
Elatt's Barrier The Three BrothersFlat42 hoursLost by sleeping or being defeated.
Elatt's Sanctuary The Three BrothersFlat42 hoursLost by sleeping or being defeated.
LeywiltFlat6 to 3
Sky Rhythm The Three BrothersFlat53 seconds


Elatt's Intervention The Three BrothersFlat2
Sacred Fumes The Three BrothersFlat7


Guided Arm The Three BrothersFlat2
Shelter The Three BrothersFlat1 to 2


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IconNameDamageImpact.pngImpact.png ResistBarrierStaminaSpeedDurabilityWeightEffects
Forged Glass Axe.pngForged Glass Axe The Three Brothers42 Physical
29 Impact.pngBarrier5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3504.0
Forged Glass Bow.pngForged Glass Bow The Three Brothers42 Physical
20 Impact.pngBarrier3.22 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3253.0
Forged Glass Chakram.pngForged Glass Chakram The Three Brothers48 Physical
40 Impact.pngBarrier1.0 Attack Speed3501.0
Forged Glass Claymore.pngForged Glass Claymore The Three Brothers53 Physical
40 Impact.pngBarrier7.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3756.0
Forged Glass Dagger.pngForged Glass Dagger The Three Brothers43 Physical
30 Impact.pngBarrier1.0 Attack Speed2501.0
Forged Glass Greataxe.pngForged Glass Greataxe The Three Brothers53 Physical
44 Impact.pngBarrier7.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0
Forged Glass Greatmace.pngForged Glass Greatmace The Three Brothers51 Physical
55 Impact.pngBarrier7.7 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4507.0
Forged Glass Halberd.pngForged Glass Halberd The Three Brothers48 Physical
41 Impact.pngBarrierStamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0
Forged Glass Knuckles.pngForged Glass Knuckles The Three Brothers40 Physical
14 Impact.pngBarrier2.8 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3253.0
Forged Glass Mace.pngForged Glass Mace The Three Brothers48 Physical
45 Impact.pngBarrier5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4255.0
Forged Glass Pistol.pngForged Glass Pistol The Three Brothers87 Physical
50 Impact.pngBarrier1.0 Attack Speed2001.0
Forged Glass Shield.pngForged Glass Shield The Three Brothers33 Physical
51 Impact.png21% Impact.pngBarrier1.0 Attack Speed2605.0Sapped
Forged Glass Spear.pngForged Glass Spear The Three Brothers52 Physical
24 Impact.pngBarrier5.6 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0
Forged Glass Sword.pngForged Glass Sword The Three Brothers40 Physical
30 Impact.pngBarrier4.9 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3004.0


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IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionBarrierDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngStamina CostMana CostMovementDurabilityWeight
Barrier Armor.pngBarrier Armor The Three Brothers15% Physical
13% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png10% Movement6004.0
Barrier Boots.pngBarrier Boots The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png5% Movement6002.0
Barrier Helm.pngBarrier Helm The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png5% Movement6001.0
Chalcedony Armor.pngChalcedony Armor The Three Brothers20% Physical
19% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier6% Stamina Cost-4% Movement45021.0
Chalcedony Boots.pngChalcedony Boots The Three Brothers14% Physical
12% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10 HotWeather.png4% Stamina Cost-3% Movement45012.0
Chalcedony Helmet.pngChalcedony Helmet The Three Brothers14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-3% Movement45010.0
Manawall Armor.pngManawall Armor The Three Brothers15% Physical
13% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png10% Movement6004.0
Manawall Boots.pngManawall Boots The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png5% Movement6002.0
Manawall Helm.pngManawall Helm The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png5% Movement6001.0
Runic Armor.pngRunic Armor18% Physical
20% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
10% Lightning
-10 HotWeather.png11% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost-6% Movement37518.0
Runic Boots.pngRunic Boots13% Physical
12% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier9% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost-4% Movement37512.0
Runic Helm.pngRunic Helm13% Physical
12% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier9% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost-4% Movement3758.0
Silver Armor.pngSilver Armor19% Physical
30% Decay
13% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier3% Stamina Cost-3% Movement26012.0
Silver Boots.pngSilver Boots13% Physical
15% Decay
8% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier2% Stamina Cost-2% Movement2608.0
Silver Helm.pngSilver Helm13% Physical
15% Decay
8% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier2% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-2% Movement2605.0
IconNameCapacityDurabilityWeightEffectsInventory ProtectionClass
Dusk Backpack.pngDusk Backpack The Three Brothers802.0+5 Barrier Barrier2Backpack

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