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Choosing your type of backpack is extremely important for the journey in Outward. Backpacks allow you to carry crucial items and equipment in the player's inventory.

Equipping most backpacks will slow the player's dodge roll unless specified otherwise, or if the player has the Feather Dodge skill.

You can hang a lantern from most backpacks by simply moving the lantern from your pocket to the pack, thereby freeing up your offhand.

List of Backpacks[]

IconNameProtectionDamage Bonus%Stamina CostCorruptionMovementCapacityDurabilityWeightEffectsPreservationInventory Protection
Adventurer Backpack.pngAdventurer Backpack351.0No dodge interference
Alchemist Backpack.pngAlchemist Backpack603.075%1
Boozu Hide Backpack.pngBoozu Hide Backpack The Soroboreans10% Corruption752.0No dodge interference2
Brass-Wolf Backpack.pngBrass-Wolf BackpackProtection754.015
Brigand's Backpack.pngBrigand's Backpack The Three Brothers15% Physical
701.0No dodge interference
Cannot attach lanterns
Chalcedony Backpack.pngChalcedony Backpack The Three Brothers803.0+15 HotWeather.png Hot Weather protection2
Charged Forge Stone.pngCharged Forge Stone The Three Brothers0150.0Does not restrict dodge2
Dusk Backpack.pngDusk Backpack The Three Brothers802.0+5 Barrier Barrier2
Glowstone Backpack.pngGlowstone Backpack752.0Acts as a light source
Large Chalcedony Stone.pngLarge Chalcedony Stone The Three Brothers0150.0Does not restrict dodge2
Light Mender's Backpack.pngLight Mender's Backpack10% Lightning
752.0Acts as a faint light source25%2
Mefino's Trade Backpack.pngMefino's Trade Backpack1105.0
Nomad Backpack.pngNomad Backpack502.02%
Preservation Backpack.pngPreservation Backpack753.075%2
Primitive Satchel.pngPrimitive Satchel251.0
Prospector Backpack.pngProspector Backpack753.0Overhead Lantern Slot4%2
Scaled Satchel.pngScaled Satchel602.0No dodge interference4%
Strongbox Backpack.pngStrongbox BackpackProtection604.04%9
Trader Backpack.pngTrader Backpack-10% Movement1008.06%2
Weaver's Backpack.pngWeaver's Backpack The Three Brothers802.0+20% Status Resistance Status Resistance2
Zhorn's Hunting Backpack.pngZhorn's Hunting Backpack-10% Stamina Cost854.050%2

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