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Attributes in Outward range from basic needs, to combat stats and environment conditions. This page lists the different types of attributes and gives a brief summary of each. For more information see the linked articles.


Vitals are the basic resources which most attributes will ultimately affect in some way.

Health.png Health Health determines how much damage the player can take before passing out.
Stamina.png Stamina Stamina is consumed by physically-demanding activities such as sprinting, combat, etc.
Mana.png Mana Mana is used by magic to cast spells and magic-based skills.


Needs determine how you thrive, and must be looked after on regular basis as neglecting them can have negative effects and eventually defeat scenarios. They can be managed with the use of food and potions, as well as some skills and equipment.

NeedsHungry.png Food Hunger is managed with Food. Being hungry increases the rate at which your max health decreases.
NeedsThirsty.png Drink Thirst can be managed with the use of various Drinks and some Potions. If ignored, the player will have reduced Stamina.
Tired.png Sleep Tired players will receive the Tired and Very Tired effects. Resting also confers positive effects.
HotCold Temperature Temperature is determined by the player's environment, and can lead to being Hot or Cold.
BagOverweight.png Weight Weight is determined by all unequipped items the player is carrying in their inventory. Carrying too much weight will slow the player down.
Corruption.png Corruption Corruption grants both positive and negative effects. Exclusive to The Soroboreans The Soroboreans.


Stats cover a wide range of attributes, and can be affected by equipment, skills and effects.

Typically, the total of most stats can be viewed on the equipment or inventory screen; however, not all stats are always displayed there.


Movement.png Move Speed Determines how quickly the character moves while running or sprinting.
Stamina Cost.png Stamina Cost Stamina cost is a percentage modifier that affects how much stamina is spent when performing actions.
ManaCost.png Mana Cost Mana Cost is a percentage modifier that affects how much Mana is spent when casting spells. Note: Spells will always cost at least 1 mana, no matter how much mana cost reduction you have!
PouchOverweight.png Pouch Bonus While not a common stat, Pouch Bonus can be found on some Equipment, increasing the amount of Weight a player can carry in their pouch.
Stealth Up.png Stealth Stealth determines how likely you are to be spotted by enemies.
HotWeather.png Hot Weather Def Hot Weather Def is subtracted from your current temperature, but will never cause it to go below 0 and has no effect below 0.
ColdWeather.png Cold Weather Def Cold Weather Def is added to your current temperature, but will never cause it to go above 0 and has no effect above 0.
CooldownIcon.png Cooldown Reduction Reduces the cooldowns of all Skills. Exclusive to The Soroboreans The Soroboreans.
CorruptionResist.png Corruption Resist Resists sources of Corruption. Exclusive to The Soroboreans The Soroboreans.


Combat stats primarily determine the amount of damage the player deals and receives in combat, as well as things such as stability and attack speed.

There are 6 types of elemental damage in Outward:

Phys.png Physical Physical damage is associated with weapons and weapon skills, as well as most enemies.
Ethereal.png Ethereal Ethereal is associated ethereal magic, spiritual enemies, and the immaterial.
Decay.png Decay Decay is associated with Poison, decay magic, and death / darkness.
Lightning.png Lightning Lightning is associated with lightning magic and light.
Frost.png Frost Frost is associated with frost magic, and natural ice.
Fire.png Fire Fire is associated with fire magic, and natural fire.

For each element, the player has two associated attributes, which can both be gained from Equipment, Skills and Effects:

Impact is similar to damage, it can also have bonuses and resistance. However, it does not affect health, it affects the stability bar.

Impact.png Impact Impact damage affects the stability bar. Reaching 50% of the stability bar makes the character stagger, and 100% leads to a knock-down.

Other combat stats include:

Protection.png Protection Protection is a defensive stat which only affects Physical damage sources. It reduces damage by a flat amount, before other resistances are applied.
BarrierStat.png Barrier Barrier is a defensive stat which only affects non-Physical damage sources. It reduces damage by a flat amount, before other resistances are applied. Exclusive to The Three Brothers The Three Brothers.
StatusResistanceStat.png Status Resistance Status Resistance is a defensive stat affects the rate at which Effects are applied to the character. Exclusive to The Three Brothers The Three Brothers.
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed Attack speed determines the animation speed of the equipped weapon.

Item Durability[]

Many items - including most equipment and food - have a durability attribute.

For all items, durability affects the price of the item. The lower the durability %, the lower the price.

For Food, the durability bar indicates the "freshness" of the food. Food which reaches 0 Durability will rot and be destroyed. On this Wiki, the "Perish Time" is listed instead of the actual Durability value, as different food can decay at different rates. The "Perish Time" is in actual in-game time.

For Equipment, the durability affects the potency of the damage and resistance stats of the equipment. See the durability section on the Equipment page for more information.

For Lanterns, the durability indicates how much fuel is remaining.

Durability Loss[]

  • Armor loses durability when you are hit by enemies
    • Items in your Backpack will also lose some durability if you are hit from behind. For an unknown reason, Decay Decay damage has no effect on this durability loss.
  • Weapons lose durability whenever you deal damage with them, or when you use certain Skills
  • Lanterns and Torches lose durability over time if they are lit
  • Food items will perish over time, though you can slow this down using certain Backpacks

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