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Assassin is an Enchantment in Outward.



  • Gain +10% Physical Physical damage bonus on Body Armor, and 5% Physical bonus on Helmet or Boots
  • Gain +10% Impact.png Impact damage bonus on Body Armor, and 5% Impact.png bonus on Helmet or Boots

Compatible Items[]

IconNamePhysicalDecayProtectionImpact.pngHotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCooldownMovementDurabilityWeightClass
Kazite Armor.pngKazite Armor21%12-7%21510.0Body Armor
Kazite Boots.pngKazite Boots10%8-8%2156.0Boots
Kazite Cat Mask.pngKazite Cat Mask10%8-8%15%2153.0Helmets
Kazite Light Armor.pngKazite Light Armor The Soroboreans16%12104%2406.0Body Armor
Kazite Light Boots.pngKazite Light Boots The Soroboreans10%83%2404.0Boots
Kazite Light Helmet.pngKazite Light Helmet The Soroboreans10%815%3%2403.0Helmets
Kazite Mask.pngKazite Mask10%8-8%15%2153.0Helmets
Kazite Oni Mask.pngKazite Oni Mask10%8-8%15%2153.0Helmets
Light Kazite Shirt.pngLight Kazite Shirt The Soroboreans16%12104%2408.0Body Armor
Master Kazite Armor.pngMaster Kazite Armor21%10%317-4%34510.0Body Armor
Master Kazite Boots.pngMaster Kazite Boots12%5%112-6%10%3453.0Boots
Master Kazite Cat Mask.pngMaster Kazite Cat Mask12%5%112-6%10%3453.0Helmets
Master Kazite Mask.pngMaster Kazite Mask12%5%112-6%10%3453.0Helmets
Master Kazite Oni Mask.pngMaster Kazite Oni Mask12%5%112-6%10%3453.0Helmets
Shadow Kazite Light Armor.pngShadow Kazite Light Armor The Soroboreans20%2141210%3006.0Body Armor
Shadow Kazite Light Boots.pngShadow Kazite Light Boots The Soroboreans13%195%3004.0Boots
Shadow Kazite Light Helmet.pngShadow Kazite Light Helmet The Soroboreans13%1915%5%3003.0Helmets
Shadow Light Kazite Shirt.pngShadow Light Kazite Shirt The Soroboreans20%2141210%3006.0Body Armor
Virgin Armor.pngVirgin Armor The Soroboreans18%216-3%30012.0Body Armor
Virgin Boots.pngVirgin Boots The Soroboreans12%1102%3008.0Boots
Virgin Helmet.pngVirgin Helmet The Soroboreans12%1102%-2%3005.0Helmets

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