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Disambig.png This article is about the Blue Chamber quest. For information about The Ash Giants, see The Ash Giants.
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Ash Giants
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Blue Chamber
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Main Quest
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Mixed Legacies
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Ash Giants is the second faction quest for The Blue Chamber Collective in Outward, and fifth in the series of main quests.


This quest has a timer of 30 days, which begins after you speak to Highlord Cyr. If you have not completed the quest in this time, you will have reduced negotiation power with Cyr and may not receive all rewards.

Quest Summary[]

Following the attack on the Blue Chamber, we talk to Rissa to learn that the war with Heroic Kingdom is not going well. If the Blue Chamber is to stand a chance, they will need to recruit some help. Rissa asks you to attempt negotiations with The Ash Giants at Giants' Village, and attempt to convince them to join the Blue Chamber.


The entrance to Giants' Village


Talk to Rissa, in the city of Berg, in the Enmerkar Forest

After waiting 3 days, speak to Rissa to begin the quest. She requests that we approach The Ash Giants at Giants' Village and attempt to recruit them into the Collective. She suggests trying to learn about their culture and understand their values. You will need to head north of Enmerkar Forest to the Hallowed Marsh, and make your way to Giants' Village.

Tip: speak to Roland Argenson beside Gabriella Sullivan, near the northeastern exit, before you leave. The outcome of a future Blue Chamber quest may depend on bolstering Roland's morale before then.

Giants Village[]

Talk to the Ash Giant highlord in their village, in the north-east of the Hallowed Marsh

At Giants' Village, approach Highlord Cyr in the raised area.

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "I'm here on behalf of the Blue Chamber Collective...".

Cyr is skeptical of the worthiness of humans. He tasks you with obtaining a rare root from the Reptilian Lair to the south-west before he will begin negotiations. However, there are things we should do in Giants' Village before we leave for that.

Optional Research[]

The Giant Book in Under Island

[Optional] Prepare for the negotiations by talking to other giants or scholars.

The primary objective of this quest is learning about Giant culture. Doing so will earn you negotiation power with Highlord Cyr, which will allow the correct dialogue options to appear. There are 3 specific ways to earn the majority of the negotiation power, and a few optional extra ways.

  1. Gold Belly the Merchant will answer questions for you about Giant culture. You should ask him all available options to ensure that you gain the necessary information. Gold-Belly will teach you about Cyr's ambitions, which will grant you two correct answers in the debate.
  2. Under Island is a small dungeon located south of Giants' Village, marked as Giants Ruins. Enter the small dungeon and find the Giant Book on the ground. Read the book and make sure you check all available options. You will learn about the Dusk Father and Dawn Weaver as well as Giant culture, which will grant you two correct answers in the debate with Cyr.
  3. Cardinal Bourlamaque in Monsoon will teach you further information about the Giants. Again, ask him all available options to make sure you get the information. This knowledge will grant you two correct answers in the debate.

There are also a few optional extra ways to gain further influence, such as:

  1. Obtain a Giant-Heart Garnet and present it to Highlord Cyr.
  2. Obtain all three Obsidiroots (see below)


Find a rare root that grows in the Reptilian Lair, in the center of the Marsh.

With the optional research completed, make your way to the Reptilian Lair in the center of the Marsh. For this guide, it is probably easier to use the top entrance instead of the bottom entrance, unless you are already familiar with the dungeon. There are many sprawling, complex hallways and it is easy to get lost.

It is only necessary to obtain one obsidiroot, however you gain a small boost to your negotiation power if you obtain all three.

From the top-most entrance:

  • #1: Head forward and turn right towards the nest with eggs. The root is found on the western corner of this room behind the tree.
  • #2: In the same area by the wooden Chest, continue down the narrow path on the right. The root is by the first group of Fireflies.
  • #3: Back near the entrance, continue in the other direction (left of entrance) and drop down to the Iron ore below. The root is on the next platform below the ore.

Negotiating with Cyr[]

The player negotiates with Highlord Cyr

When you are ready to begin negotiations, talk to Highlord Cyr in the village.

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "I'm ready to begin."

In the debate, there are specific dialogue options which only appear if you obtained the necessary information. If you have done all the optional research, simply choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1 every time to use the correct answers.

If you do not see an option to "Use the information you obtained" as an answer to his question you will lose negotiation power and may not be able to convince him. In total you need 14 "influence points", and you get 3 points per correct question. If Cyr says that you kept him waiting, you have reached the timer for this quest and will lose 3 influence points. It is still possible to receive the perfect success outcome despite reaching this timer, if you did all the optional research.

Answer his questions, and if you gained enough influence, Cyr will announce that they are joining the collective and you receive the "Perfect Success" outcome.

If you failed to convince him, there is additional dialogue at the end which may result in combat.

  • Choosing option Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "Then maybe they need a new Highlord..." will start combat with Highlord Cyr, against yourself and Gold Belly.
    • If you win, you receive the "Partial Success (Cyr Defeated)" outcome.
    • If you lose, you receive the "Failure" outcome.
  • Choosing option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Well, I tried, I'm sorry you feel that way." will result in the "Partial Sucess (Cyr not defeated)" outcome.

Finishing Up[]

To finish the quest, return to Rissa in Berg and inform her of the outcome.


For all outcomes except "Failure", you receive from Rissa:

Perfect Success[]

Partial Success (Cyr Defeated)[]

Partial Success (Cyr not defeated)[]

  • The Ash Giants do not join the collective.
  • Giants Village is still accessible.


You wonder what you were thinking, as Cyr lifts you up with one hand. He makes a loud, rousing speech to his people in the giant's tongue, then he walks right to the gates of his village and hurls you as far as he can. As you hit the ground, the doors slam shut for good.


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