Ash Giant Priest
Ash Giant Priest - AshGiantPriest.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
800 Health.png
Health Regen
1.5 per sec
Impact Res.
65 Impact.png
Damage Resistance:
  • 10  Phys.png   
  • -40  Frost.png   
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
22.5 Phys.png 22.5 Lightning.png
158 Impact.png
Found At
Stone Titan Caves

Ash Giant Priest is a type of Giant enemy in Outward.


A stronger variant of the Ash Giant, which makes use of various Lightning attacks as well.

Can be found in the Abrassar desert, as well as Stone Titan Caves during Truth and Purpose.

Combat & Tactics

They have a vulnerability to Frost damage.


The Ash Giant Priest has knowledge of two skills:

  • A cloud of smoke which inflicts 5 Decay.png Decay damage every 0.5 seconds
  • Summon two orbs of Lightning which rotate around the Priest. They deal 30 Lightning.png Lightning damage and 75 Impact.png Impact, or 107 Impact.png Impact if you are hit immediately after it is cast.

Drop Table

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 5 times.
ItemsChance *
Great Life Potion.png Great Life Potion (1)12% (47%)
Great Astral Potion.png Great Astral Potion (1)12% (47%)
Great Endurance Potion.png Great Endurance Potion (1)12% (47%)
Medium Ruby.png Medium Ruby (1)12% (47%)
Large Emerald.png Large Emerald (1)8% (34%)
Small Sapphire.png Small Sapphire (1)16% (58%)
Explorer Lantern.png Explorer Lantern (1)8% (34%)
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1)20% (67%)
* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 5 rolls.
Drop Table 2
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.
Giantkind Halberd.png Giantkind Halberd (1)33.33%
Palladium Scrap.png Palladium Scrap (1)66.67%
Drop Table 3
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.
Empty drop33.33%
Giant-Heart Garnet.png Giant-Heart Garnet (1)66.67%

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