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Arrows are a type of Ammunition in Outward, used for Bows.

Each stack holds up to 15 Arrows.

Advanced arrows require The Three Brothers The Three Brothers DLC, and can be obtained through the Alchemy building with Luc Salaberry, Alchemist.

List of Arrows[]

Explosive Arrow.pngExplosive Arrow The Three Brothers0.2AoE Blast deals +30 Fire Fire and +50 Impact.png Impact
Flaming Arrow.pngFlaming Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+5 Fire Fire damage
Inflicts Burning
Forged Arrow.pngForged Arrow The Three Brothers0.2+15 Physical Physical damage
Holy Rage Arrow.pngHoly Rage Arrow The Three Brothers0.2+5 Lightning Lightning damage
Inflicts Holy Blaze
Mana Arrow.pngMana Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+5 Ethereal Ethereal damage
Inflicts Haunted
Palladium Arrow.pngPalladium Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+10 Lightning Lightning damage
Inflicts Doomed
Poison Arrow.pngPoison Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+5 Decay Decay damage
Inflicts Poisoned
Soul Rupture Arrow.pngSoul Rupture Arrow The Three Brothers0.2+10 Ethereal Ethereal damage
Inflicts Aetherbomb
Venom Arrow.pngVenom Arrow The Three Brothers0.1+10 Decay Decay damage
Inflicts Extreme Poison

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