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An Arcane Elemental (Ethereal).

Arcane Elemental is a type of enemy in Outward. There are five variants of this enemy, one corresponding to each of the 5 elemental damage types.


A strange floating creature which uses elemental projectiles to attack the player. They can be found primarily in the Antique Plateau region, and can also be found throughout various dungeons in all regions.

Antique Plateau Puzzle[]

The "Clocktower Puzzle" in exterior Antique Plateau is a way to acquire lots of Elemental Particles quickly.

  1. Go to the Downtown Clock and look at the color of the effect on the altar. You don't need to do any quests before this. If there's no effect, sleep for seven days in a city or dungeon to reset the exterior area.
  2. Go to the area with the Lamppost of the same color as the effect (map shown below). Somewhere in the general area you should find an elemental of that type. While the light is on, an elemental of that color will be in the area. If the light changes color during the journey, the elemental will go away.
  3. Once you kill the elemental (the element must be killed while the desired color is lit), return to the altar. Exit to main menu and re-enter, or sleep for an hour, and the color of the altar should change. If you hit upon the same color as an elemental you've already killed, repeat until it changes to one you haven't encountered.
  4. Once you kill one of each of the five elementals, go to the Duvernay plaza. Five Arcane Elementals will spawn around it.
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