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Ancestral Peacemaker
Quest Giver
Blue Chamber
Quest Type
Main Quest
Previous Quest
Whispering Bones
Next Quest
Well-Earned Rest

Ancestral Peacemaker is the final faction quest for The Blue Chamber Collective in Outward, and seventh in the series of main quests.


This quest has a timer of 7 days. Failing to complete the quest in this time frame will prevent you from obtaining the perfect outcome.

Quest Summary[]

While you were dealing with the events of the previous quest, the war between the Heroic Kingdom and the Collective has only intensified. It has gotten to the point that Elatt himself has to interfere and order for peace between the two factions. However, some members of the collective are not happy about this outcome and do not wish to make peace with Levant. You must convince them that peace is the best option for everyone before peace negotiations take place in Elatt's temple in Monsoon.

During this quest, the city of Levant will be inaccessible due to Martial Law being in effect.



Talk to Rissa, in the city of Berg, in the Enmerkar Forest.

Talk to Rissa to begin the quest. She will inform you that Elatt has demanded peace, and a truce with the Heroic Kingdom has been declared. She needs us to convince some of the Chamberlords to agree to the peace - specifically, Sagard, The Montcalm Tribe and The Ash Giants.

This quest is very time-sensitive, so it is recommended to do the steps in the same order as this guide if you want to receive the best outcome.

Sagard Battleborn[]

The player negotiates with Sagard in the Old Coin's Inn

Convince Sagard Battleborn, in Berg's inn, to make peace.

Speak with Sagard in the Old Coin's Inn.

  • If you have a Tsar Stone, you can offer it to Sagard and he will agree to peace negotiation without fighting.
  • If you handed the evidence in to Sagard during Purifier, then you will be able to call in a favor instead of dueling.
  • Otherwise you must goad Sagard into a duel and defeat him. Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2, then Tex men talkIcon.png 2.
    • If you defeat him, he will accept the peace negotiations.
    • If you are defeated, you will receive an 'Inn' defeat scenario, and several days will pass. You may try to fight Sagard again.

Montcalm Tribe[]

Rastarte, the Montcalm Chamberlord

Convince the Montcalm tribe, found inside the wooden fort in the Chersonese's north, to make peace.

Travel to the Montcalm Clan Fort in north-western Chersonese. When you enter the camp, no enemies will be aggressive towards you, as peace has been declared. Approach Rastarte, the Montcalm Chamberlord, in his chambers at the top of the fort.

  • Choose the following options to convince Rastarte:
    • Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "I need you to agree to the peace talks with Levant."
    • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "You do know that if Levant's army reaches your tribe..."
    • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Even if they pass you over, they'll lay waste to all the surrounding tribes."
    • Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "Think about what you said. To protect your people from needlessly dying..."

The Ash Giants[]

Convince the Ash Giants in their village, in the Hallowed Marsh's north-east, to make peace.

Travel to Giants' Village, in the Hallowed Marsh and speak with either Highlord Cyr or Gold Belly. As long as you have not been permanently exiled from Giants' Village, all you need to do is talk to the leader of the village and ask them to make peace.


The player arrives at the Temple in Monsoon

Go to the temple in Monsoon, in the Hallowed Marsh.
Protect Monsoon from the invading Scourge Beasts.

Head to Monsoon. Once in the city, head directly forward all the way up the long steps into the Temple. Proceed forward to begin the negotiations dialogue with several major characters in the story.

  • At this point, you will receive a Tsar Stone and/or a Peacemaker Elixir depending on your progress in this quest, as well as previous quests of the Blue Chamber series.

Defeat all Scourge beasts around the city, aided by ally NPCs. There is a powerful Immaculate called the Butcher of Men, who drops a unique item.

  • If you are defeated by the Scourge beasts, you will not receive full rewards.
  • Placing traps in the city before proceeding with the negotiations dialogue helps a lot during this fight, as there are a lot of enemies.

Speak to Rissa in Monsoon to complete the quest. Rissa will thank you for your help defending Monsoon, and will give you various rewards depending on your success during the quest.


  • Peace is declared between the Heroic Kingdom and the Blue Chamber Collective.
  • Queen Calixa will ascend and become Living Thought, like Elatt, to protect Heroic Kingdom.
  • Martial law ends in Levant.

From the negotiations, depending on your progress in the entire Blue Chamber questline:

  • Peacemaker Elixir
  • Tsar Stone (if you got enough "Perfect Success" outcomes)
    • Requires: killing the Marsh Captain during Mixed Legacies, successfully allying with the Ash Giants, completing Whispering Bones without reaching the timer or fighting Roland, and successfully completing this quest in time while allying with all parties.




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