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Agatha, Maiden of the Winds
NPC Data
The Cabal of Wind
Merchant (Alchemy)
Hermit's House

Agatha, Maiden of the Winds is a Merchant in Hermit's House, location in Chersonese.


Agatha, Maiden of the Winds trades in alchemy ingredients, potions and recipes.

To reach her, a player must travel through Ghost Pass (or have unlocked the shortcut through Corrupted Tombs). She can be found cooking on the stove in the Hermit's House.


Guaranteed Stock

Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot (3-4)
Bandages.png Bandages (2-4)
Astral Potion.png Astral Potion (1-2)
Life Potion.png Life Potion (1-2)
Endurance Potion.png Endurance Potion (1-2)
Alchemy Kit.png Alchemy Kit (1)
Lexicon.png Lexicon (1)
Chakram.png Chakram (1)
Linen Cloth.png Linen Cloth (1-3)
Scholar Attire.png Scholar Attire (1)
Scholar Circlet.png Scholar Circlet (1)
Scholar Boots.png Scholar Boots (1)
Scholar’s Staff.png Scholar’s Staff (1)
Master’s Staff.png Master’s Staff (1)
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1-3)
Turmmip.png Turmmip (1-3)

Random Stock 1
This drop table will be rolled 3 to 6 times.

ItemsChance *
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1-3)7.14% (28%)
Fire Stone.png Fire Stone (1-2)7.14% (28%)
Cold Stone.png Cold Stone (1-2)7.14% (28%)
Turmmip.png Turmmip (2-3)7.14% (28%)
Boiled Turmmip.png Boiled Turmmip (1-3)7.14% (28%)
Firefly powder.png Firefly powder (1-3)7.14% (28%)
Blood Mushroom.png Blood Mushroom (1-3)7.14% (28%)
Star Mushroom.png Star Mushroom (1-3)7.14% (28%)
Ochre Spice Beetle.png Ochre Spice Beetle (1-2)7.14% (28%)
Gravel Beetle.png Gravel Beetle (1-2)7.14% (28%)
Krimp Nut.png Krimp Nut (1-3)7.14% (28%)
Raw Salmon.png Raw Salmon (1-2)7.14% (28%)
Raw Rainbow Trout.png Raw Rainbow Trout (1-2)7.14% (28%)
Greasy Fern.png Greasy Fern (1-3)7.14% (28%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from an average 4.5 rolls.

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